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Name:  Sheila Mae
Address:  Gingoog, Philippines
Date:  Sept. 2, 2006

Hi..I read about the first mass here in the web site. But I don't believe that it happened in Limasawa. I do not mean to take this as an offense to all Limasawans but concrete evidences led to Butuan. I really hope that this error will be corrected by the Philippine national history commission or authorized institution. The first mass was really held in Masao, Butuan.!!!

Name:  Amos Saba Calda
Address:  Leyte Industrial Dev. Estate, Isabel, Leyte 6539, Philippines
Date:  August 25, 2006

Bag-o la ako nahibaro mahitungod han "Gugma han Samar". Dako an akon kalipay nga bisan hagrayo na an aton mga kasangkayan nagpabilin la guihapon an gugma ha Samar. An akon pinubri nga hingyap nga unta magin maupay an pagdumara han pangubyerno ha Samar. Maka arawud hin duro an aton kalsada guikan ha Calbiga ngadto ha Calbayog. Sintomas la ini hin usa ka "sakit" nga kinahanglan pagburubligan pina agi ha aton "Gugma ha Samar".

Name:  Marlet Badeo
Address:  c/o Office of Senator Santiago
Date:  19 August 2006

Hi to all my fellow Warays!

I wish to inform everyone here that there is an ongoing petition initiated by some people from Samar urging government leaders to improve or upgrade the rough, national roads in Samar. Although, I am from Leyte, I sincerely support this initiative because these roads actually have impacts on the economy not only of Samar but Leyte and Biliran as well.

I hope you guys will join me in this effort. Kindly visit, because I posted the text of the petition there.

Thanks everyone.

Marlet Badeo

Name:  Cesar Torres
Date:   6 August 2006

Mr. Lebeco,

No!  We are not trying to perpetuate this "dysfunctional" and "anti-social" characteristic of our people, this regionalism.  We are very much aware of the impact of our history, close to 400 years under the heels of cruel Spaniards, and since 1898 under the imperialist yoke of the Americans whose influence is still so very powerful even up to this time.

We just want to recognize the fact that we cannot depend on the Ivatans or Enrile -- who wants to cut all our trees in Samar and suck our mineral and other natural resources -- for instance or this young but powerful and wealthy Defensor, a member of the Philippine ruling class or the gangsters and misguided Abu Sayyaf or the Tausugs or the Tagalogs, etc. to be concerned with Samar. We will have to be responsible for that. Hence, this Gugma Han Samar Cyberspace Movement.

Of course, we are not an independent country.  And even if we are, we still have to recognize the fact that we live in this world, interacting with humanity and with the other 7 billion human beings.

Perhaps in one century, if we are not wiped out by tsunamis or by atomic bombs, we will have a country where there is no more regionalism.

We need everyone to work on this dream Eric, make it a reality. We need to rectify the errors of history, especially its deleterious effects on us as a people.

Thank you very much.

Name:  Eric E. Lebeco
Address:  22 B Ballad St., Sta Cecilia Village, Las Pinas, Philippines
Date:  july 31, 2006

Kamakaaandoy san titulo sini nga webpage. "Gugma san Samar"! Does this page intend by conscious purpose to perpetuate the regional identity of our place? Its cultural heritage? Our being?

Name:  Christian Cua
Address:  113 Sta Rosa St., Villareal 6717, Western Samar
Date:  June 09, 2006

Nagsurf ako ha net para kumuha hin pira nga updates ha amon minahal nga bungto han Villareal ha amon hometown's website Damo an activities han amon asosasyon han mga Villahanon only that nga ha news section waray latest post hin mga sumat.

Ini naobserbahan ko gihap ha iba pa nga websites han Eastern Visayas Region.

Maupay unta kun mainform naton an aton igkasi mga waray-waray/bisaya nga mag-interact ha mga discussion boards para maupdate kita ngan mapangumusta an kabutangan han aton mga bungto ngan an aton mga kasangkayan ug kaparyentehan nga maiha na naton waray igkakaistorya/kakukumusta.

Ngan, for the admin of each EV site, please do take more effort nga maupdate pirmi an aton mga sites para marayhak an aton mga kababayan nga malog-in.

Ha akon parte, seseguruhon ko nga magkamay-ada ako regular nga pagbisita ha mga sites para magshare. More power to all!

Name:  Marlet Badeo
Address:  Manila
Date:  April 8, 2006

I would like to invite you all to join our e-group:

Together with some friends, we are currently pushing to establish the Eastern Visayas group in Metro Manila. We have our regular monthly meeting discussing possible ways how we can help our region.

Name:   Federico Dean
Date:   April 1, 2006

If you watch Pinoy Big Brother, you can't avoid being proud and elated that there is one housemate who is proud of being a Samareno.  His name is Budoy.  He made a good account of himself both inside and outside the house of Kuya.

Budoy had always subtly made known to all televiewers that he is a Samareno.  Pinoy Big Brother is not yet the end of Budoy's career.  But there's one thing sure: In his own little way, he helped put Samar on the map once more.  Don't you think we Samarenos should be grateful to him?  At least we could pray for success in all his endeavors. Amen

Name:   Federico Dean
Address:  Green St. SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Date:  March 28. 2006

I'm new to this website. I'm still reading the messages, most of them were written in 2004 or 2005 yet.  Very soon I might be able to write some messages in Gugma.

Name:  C. Tanaka
Date:   03/26/2006

Maupay nga adlaw ha iyo ngatanan mga igkasi ko Samarnon. Karuyag ko la unta nga ipadangat ini nga paki-ana mahitongod hit aton kalsada from Tacloban to Samar. Agidaw kay mas-malala pa kontra han sungkaan. San-o pa ba ma-aayos ini nga aton kalsada...

Name:  Diosdado B. Lopega
Address:  No. 2, Chungshan North Road, Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China
Date:  March 15, 2006

Maupay nga adlaw o oras ha iyo ngatanan mga igkasi ko Samarnon. Nakapagsurat ako denhi dara hit akon sobra nga paghigugma hit aton probinsya hit Samar labi pagkatapos han makaharadlok nga nahinabo ha Bgy. Guinsaugon, St. Bernard, Sourthern Leyte nga kon diin natagbunan an bug-os nga barrio han Guinsaugon hin tuna nga tikang ha bukid.

Nahibalita man han mga pahayagan o diyaryo nga an usa nga logging company ni Juan Ponce Enrile mayda plano mag logging ha Samar. Kon mahinayon ini nga larang ni Enrile peho god nga may blessing it aton presidente. Kaulangan nga manhuna-huna hira antis ini igpadayon kay sulod hin napulo ka tuig nga paglogging mauubos iton aton mga kakahuyan ha Samar. Dara hini magigin mahumok it tuna hit aton mga kabukiran ha Samar ngan mayda ngani bagyo og permi nga uran magtutuno it aton mga kabukiran ngan iton nahinabo ha Guinsaugon og ha Aurora Province mahihinabo god sigurado ha aton. Salit mga igkasi ko Samarnon, mag-urosa kita.


Salamat nga dako ha iyo ngatanan.

Name:  Doorknob
Address:  UEP CA, Pinabacdao campus, Samar
Date:   2-26-06

Dear Mano (Ceasar Torres),

The greetings of the Lord and may the blessings of God be with you and your loved ones!

Our deep and sincere appreciation and gratitude for your honest efforts to be of help to our fellow Samarenos especially those in dire need. Thanks for organizing this "good samaritan" flock under the guidance of the "Good Shepherd" (Jesus Christ) whose noble task is to help other agencies in alleviating our people from poverty.

As an educator, It is my firm belief that Education is one way of solving this sub-human economic condition. Hence, for and in behalf of the youth who intend to enroll college but unable because of financial constraint, may I appeal to "Gugma han Samar" to sponsor these bright and deserving students. In fact, in the past years, former Congressman Nachura, former Board Member Boy Babalcon, and others granted sholarship to our students from Vilareal, Calbiga, Hinabangan, Pinabacdao and Sta Rita.

Again, am knocking at the door of the hearts of the Good Samaritan to extend this much-needed assistance.

Thank you in advance and may the Lord repay your goodwill and benevolence....

In Christ service,

Name:  Doming Hermosura
Address:  UEP CA, Pinabacdao campus, Samar
Date:   26 Feb 2006


Ay hin kamakuri hinin estudyante
Ngatanan nga oras pirmi la busy
Dako an problema adlaw ngan gab-i
Ay kamapiraw pag-inaram pirmi

Mas dako an problema kon nag-eeksam na
Hi tatay hi nanay in nalilisang na
Pamiling, pangutan aton matrikula
Sanglit, ayaw ta pagkawanga ira panalinguha

Hain ka man sangkay yana ma-eskwela
Kon waray ka akos ngan waray ka kwarta
Kundi an UEP Pinabacdao amo in nabandera
Para bumulig ha imo nga makatapos ka

Tikang mahimugso college Pinabacdao
Aton celebrasyon in yana nga adlaw
Yana foundation day aton gud ig-righum
Para mga pobre estudyante naton

Pinabacdao yana amo in naparayaw
Agriculture college ha bukana han Canyaksao
Mga first year college damo gud kaupay
Hira in marisyo diri gud mamingaw

Mga instructor namon nga magtawatawa
Puro beterano diri mga hubya
Hi kami saludo han iyo pagtutdo
Unta ipadayon ngada hit kahasta

Nagtitikay upay la inin colegio naton
Mga palisiya angay gud pagsundon
Bandalism, inom, adis-adis aton gud sawayon
Para de-kalidad nga edukasyon makab-ot naton

Ayaw kahulop sangkay inin colegio ta
Diri mag-iiha magpo 4 years na
Labi na kay nabulig an TESDA ngan iba pa nga ahensya
Madugang pagrighum inin UEP Pinabacdao ta

Akon hinbaroan tikang mga instructors ta
Nga computer subjects in titikangan/tinikangan na
Napulo (10) nga computer igdudugang pa
Tikang kan congressman Catalino Figueroa
Damo nga salamat tikang ha pobre nga estudyante ta

Akon huhumanon ini akon siday
Maupay nga oras minahal nga mayor namon
Iba pa nga opisyales hinin bungto naton
Ngadto ha ngatanan nga naabuyon ngan nabulig
Basta kaupayan hinin UEP Pinabacdao naton

Salamat, salamat hini nga higayon
Ha UEP staff nga ginpadara ha aton
Ha LGU staff nga nabulig pag-undong
Mga katuyu-anan han mahal nga mayor naton
Para mabuligan mga pobre nga estudyante naton.

Name:   Libby Bayadog
Address: #5 cor Sta. Rosa and United St. Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603
Date:  16 Feb. 2006

Maupay nga aga ha iyo ngatanan, labi na gud hadton mga nagtalingoha nga magkamay-ada hin website hiton mga taga Samar. This is now the right time for us to unite and help our poor family, relatives and friends in Samar. And we can help them in manny ways. First, we can help them organize and provide market for their products. We have a group at present in Eastern Samar planting casava and they need buyers abroad. Perhaps by this we can help them elevate their way of living.

Until next mail. God bless you all mga kapwa mga tiga Samar.

Name:   Lamrag SNS 80
Date:   Feb 16, 2006

Batch 1980 is pleased to invite all alumni of Samar High School/Samar National School in its hosting of the Grand Alumni Homecoming 2006 to be held on 24-30 April.

Dubbed as "Lamrag Ngadto ha Kauswagan", this week-long series of socio-cultural activities aims to rekindle our collective pride in our school's glorious past, celebrate its continuing role in nation building and perhaps, find answers to the challenges it faces ahead in its noble task as the trailblazer of progress.

Come and join us in our flamboyant ways to keep the grand old lady's torch alight.

Dagkot Na!

Name:   Boots
Address:  Rosal, Philippines
Date:   Feb 11, 2006

I came across this site by accident but I would like to inform you that seeing/reading comments and statements from fellow Samarnon gives me so much joy again. No, I was not born in Samar but stayed in Catbalogan for 5 years.

Name:  Doming H
Address:  UEP, Pinabacdao, Samar 6313, Philippines
Date:   2-3-06

(Mateo 13:8)
Doming HD

Pinabacdao, Samar - Sugad hin usa nga maupay nga binhi nga iginsabod han parag-uma, an University of Eastern Philippines College of Agriculture (UEP CA) in tinurok ha matambok nga tuna ha bungto han Pinabacdao, Samar ngan ini in padayon ug dayuday nga natubo ngan narabong agud mahimo nga usa nga marampag nga kahoy sugad han "mustasa" (ha Bibliya) kanay lindong makahatag sirungan (shelter/refuge) ngadto han mga nag-aantos han kawarayan labi na han aton kabatan-onan nga naghihingyap hin edukasyon ha colegio.

1998, may ada nag-sabod hini nga binhi. An aton mahiyumhiyum ngan aktibo nga bokal han Segundo Distrito han Samar ngan anay mayor han bungto han Pinabacdao hin tulo (3) ka termino, HON. ARCADIO "BONTOY" L. QUIJANO, nga yana Chairman han Committee of Agriculture, kanay panalingkamot nahimugso ini nga colegio dinhi ha segundo distrito han Samar. Kaupod niya hini nga misyon hira anay Congressman Antonio "Eddie" Nachura; an nawara ngan anay gobernador han Samar, +Hon. Jose Rono; DA RFU 8 Director Leo P. Caneda; Dr. Pedro Destura, presidente han UEP Catarman (mga tigpirma han MOA dida han tuig 2001). Ini in kinasingkasing nga ginsuportahan han kahiripid nga mga municipyo ngan mga molopyo labi na han mga pobres nga pamilya (han parag-uma, parupangisda ngan iba pa...) nga waray akos igpa-eskwela han ira mga anak didto ha Tacloban, Catbalogan o diin pa man.

Lakat ngan ha butnga han mga pagsare ngan mga balud (problema) nga pinusak ha bayhon hini nga institusyon (nga hapit na ngani igsara), ini in nagpadayon ngan naniguro para maka-abot hini yana nga iya nahimumutangan. Pira han mga problema nga in ginkahibagat amo an masunod: an kawaray permanente nga lugar (building) nga pagklaklasehan han mga estudyante nga sigi an barubalhin; an kawaray sadang nga bulig/suporta pinansyal ngan damo pa nga iba... Kundi larang han Makagarahum, mayda mga "anghel" nga naghatag kabatunan hini nga mga pagsare.

2002, an nawara +Lourdes C. Badulid, mahal nga esposa han Mun. Agriculturist han Pinabacdao, Samar, in naniguro upod han iba pa nga mga personalidad nga hira SAMELCO II DIRECTOR Willy D. Seludo, Prof(s.) Atilano Rebadulla ug Jorge Villarazo ug iba pa, nagkamay-ada hin 4-classroom school building an ini nga colegio. (May she rest in peace!). Ini in gintikangan pag gamita yana nga school year 2005-2006, diin in 56 nga mga estuyante tikang ha iba nga mga municipyo dida han 1st sem ngan (49) yana nga 2nd sem in na-akomodar hini nga konkreto nga building. (An usa nga classroom ginhimo nga faculty room and library).

Pira ka tuig an hinagos, an UEP CA Pinabacdao Campus in nag offer hin Diploma in Agricultural Technology o (DAT) - 2 ka tuig nga kurso nga nahisusubay han Agriculture Productivity Enhancement Program for Samar Island (APEPSI) kanay panuyo amo an pagtalwas han Samar ngan Samarnon tikang han higot han kakablasan (Poverty Alleviation).

Aton man nahibaruan ngan nakita nga an Isla han Samar apesar han riko nga kalibungan ngan katigayunan (resources), usa han pinaka-pobre nga probinsya. Dara hini, madali nga nakumbinse han mga walhon nga pan-gobyernohan an katawhan (nga magin rebelde, symphtizer ngan supporter) nga an ira gobyerno an solusyon han kapobrehan...labi na kay ginpasagdan kita han at gobyenro, lokal ngan nasyonal.

Kundi hi Dr. Pedro Destura, presidente han UEP in natoo nga usa nga programa pan-edukasyon in magigin instrumento/dalan ngadto han katalwasan han aton minayoyo nga Samar. An iya "obra maestra" nga tinatawag nga Agriculture Education Cum Livelihood Development Program (AGRICULDEP) - an education component of APEPSI.

Amo ini nga programa nga may panuyo hin pag-edukar han aton katawhan parte han bag-o nga biotechnology para hin dako nga Production and Income (kita) han aton kabugtu-an nga mga parag-uma. Pinaagi hini, maaghat diri la an mga estudyante kundi an ngatan nga magin negosyante (agricultural enterpreneur). Labot hini, makakahatag pa mga trabaho ha aton mga kabugtuan nga waray libang.

Yana nga school year, mayda usa nga mahinungdanon nga panhitabo han UEP-CA Pinabacdao. An pagpirma han bag-o nga Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) dida han Dec. 14, 2005, ha butnga han LGU-Pinabacdao nga pinangunahan ni Mayor Mario L. Quijano, M.D. upod nira Vice Mayor Cabornay ug Ariel Macapagat ngan han UEP-Catarman pinaagi kan Dr. Pedro Destura, president, Dr. Sanico, Dr. Galo ngan Dr. Rebadulla. Dida hini nga kasabutan, an duha nga partido nagsaad (pledge) han ira hul-os ngan kinasingkasing nga pagbinuligay para han kaupayan han nasabi nga colegio.

Dugang pa hini, dida han sorpresa nga pagbisita ni Dr. Destura hadton Enero 24, 2006, nahingadayan an possible nga pag-abre hin 4-year course sunod nga tuig, sana madayon ini. Ini an laderization program from DAT to BSAT. Ini in plaplantsahon (finalize) pa nira ngan hi Mayor Quijano para personal niya nga ma-presentar ha Malacanang.

Maupay nga sumat para ha mga taga-Pinabacdao! 25% subsidy (tutition fee) tikang ha Local Government Unit han Pinabacdao, kurtesiya ni Mayor Quijano. Enrol na!!!!

Malina-umon kami ngatanan nga mapadayon pagtubo ini nga binhi/tanum hinin matambok nga tuna hinin nabacdaw na bungto. Hinaut kunta nga an ngaran nga PInabacdao makahatag hin positibo nga kahulugan... sugad han bata nga naglugaring pagtindog ngan naglakat... tipakadto hin malamrag nga kabubuwason.


Name:  Paul C. Alli
Address:  Pacific Place, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605, Phil.
Date:  Jan. 24, 2006

Dear Prof. Torres:

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you with this wonderful and insightful website. Very timely since it is only Samar that has no website. Check it at the philgov website. Thanks to our present Governor.

Secondly, it has been a long time since we last met in Pacifica, California in 1994. I really thank you for giving me that opportunity to tour San Francisco with your busy schedule. After a month stay there, I went back to New York. We never got in touch after that.  Sayang, the internet was not yet used at that time.  Anyway, I am now back in Manila, and travels between Asian countries, doing investment banking. I have several opportunities to help the current government, and also, Samar, but it is still being discussed yet by our partners. I will be communicating with you now and then.  And I will send you a draft of a "white paper" I wrote for our investment group.

Once again, congratulations!

All the best,

Paul C. Alli

Name:  Dornab
Address: UEP College of Agriculture (Pinabacdao campus), Pinabacdao, Samar 6313
Date:    jan 15, 2006

Mano Cesar (Torres)

Saludo an taga Villa han iyo pagtalinguha para han kaupayan han Samar...unta ma-abrihan unta liwat an luyo nga bayhon han kamatuoran, agud mabug-os an pagkita han ngatanan... Magin transparent unta ngan ma-audit an Bayanihan fund ha Villa, donations and 20% dev. fund han IRA and the contributions of the barangays in pesos for the said project...People are waiting for it... Let it not be as shallow as our pantalan ha Villa,,,, and  as good as it appears to be....

Many thanks and happy new year...

Name:  Hablecker Gerald
Address:  Kopernikusstrasse 4, Steyr, Oberösterreich 4400, Austria
Date:    5.12.2005

Hello! my wife and me, we are looking for a philippina, which we have meet in Manila airport on November 2005!

We only know, that she is ca 47 years old, single, has an house, is leavin since 24 years in Italy and she is from Cagayan! and she is leaving in Sicilia! Is there somebody from Sicilia, who knows any other philippinas or is there an philippine communitiy or organisation?

Name:  Evangeline Geli-Eberbach
Address:  San Antonio, Texas 78251, USA
Date:   August 6, 2005

Regards to my fellow Samarnons especially the Villahanons and Basaynons.

Name:  Nenita Labasano Surber
Address:  247 Mercedes Street, Burak, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:  Aug. 1 2005


Kumusta an mga taga Burak, I miss you all. I can't wait to see you all sa fiesta, also thank to this web-site, this is "cool" I finally get to talk with the Catbaloganon and Buraknon. Hello to my cousin ate Amy, Nanay Marcing and her family. Nanay you are the courageous, loving people I ever known, we can't repay your kindness to our family, except thank you so very much. Also I miss you anak very very much I can't wait to see you, hopefully you still my little baby boy. I love you.

Thanks again to this wonderful web-site. More power.........

Name:  Solito M. Seludo
Address:  San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Date:   July 25 2005

Kumusta sa lahat ng mga ka klase ko sa Sacred Heart College batch 92-93 Education Department. O asan na kayo ngayon. Kmusta kay kuya Noe Pimintil, Marivic Correhi, at Annabel Serdena, Francisco Jasminez. Ok advance happy fiesta nga pala sa inyo diyan ha. Maupay nga patron ha iyo ngatanan. Sana magkita kita uli tayo ha. Ito nga pala e mail add ko

Name:  Irene Payne
Address:  2410 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94702, USA
Date: 06/28/05

Maupay nga adlaw hit ngatanan nga samarnon nga natan-aw hin nga maupay nga website. Taga Hernani ako, danay kon baga mamingaw acon ginbubuhat magsil-ing hin mga website hit Samarnon. Kon hen-o man an nakaisip hini more power to you and keep up the good work. Hello..con hen-o man nga taga Hernani nga nahiling hini nga website. You can email me at Salamat....

Name:  Jun Duran
Address:  5th floor executive bldg, Buendia cor Makati Ave., Makati City
Date:  June 18, 2005

Musta mga sangkay,

Taga basay ako guihap. May ada ako guinbibiling nga sangkay. Emma Villamor an ngaran nya han daraga pa. Taga barrio dawa hiya. Bangin la kilala nyo hiya, pakihatag nala it ako email add.

Name:  Adelbert S. Batica
Address:  207 W. 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:  6/16/05

Correcto mundo na liwat in nga ak sangkay nga maupay dumalos. Asya iton, Sangkay, kinahanglan gud kita hin mga pagwaydong ngan pahinumdum. Kay udog, it bayabas di gad nabunga hin santol. Kon ano it puno, asya man it bunga. Kon maraot it panahon ngan pamahong-pahong, ada, maraot gihap nga mga gawi it nagawas. Sanglit it maupay, limpiyohon anay it panahon, dalusan anay it panahon kay basi an mag-upay nga buhat an tumurok ngan bumunga.

Name:  Tomo Magdadalos
Date:  June 16, 2005

The times are never so bad that a good man cannot live in them, morals are not design for good times but for bad times. I sometimes wander if GOD deliberately let the times get so bad so that a good man can live in them.

Good people and good morals are not only for bad times, they are also from bad times. Ikaw, anoka?

Name: Ian Baldomaro
Address:  Cajurao St., Calbayog City 6710, Western Samar, Philippines
Date:  June 9, 2005

Calling all ALUMNI Brethren of Gamma Epsilon Fraternity and Gamma Lambda Epsilon Sorority particularly those who came from Samar chapters like Catbalogan, Gandara, San Jorge, Calbayog, Catarman, Borongan and other parts of Samar. There is a move to reorganize the GE & GLE Visayas Alumni Council and your participation is highly needed for the success of this activity.

For more details, you may reach us at: or send your email at:

Thanking you ahead and may the force be with you!  SOAR HIGH TWO HEADED EAGLES!




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