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Name: Tomo Magdadalos
Address:  340 Mindanao Ave., Brgy. Bahay Toro, Quezon City
Date:  June 3, 2005

Gugma Han Samar?! ahin man an gugma? pinanpapatay na an mga Samarnon han ongoing militarization ni Palparan waray manla mention dinhi iyo web site.

Samar News (May 21) reports that hundred villagers evacuated from 6 barangay beacuse of fear and actual atrocities made by heavily armed men, the military claims that "Any uniformed armed men could be military"

Samar News (May 25) Mr Langunzad testified that a total of 199 cases of kidnapping, abduction and summary execution was documented in Eastern Visayas in the last 3 months this testimony was made during the confirmation hearing of Mr. Palparan and two others at the commission on appointment this testimony led to the deferment of Palparan promotion. Samar News also quoted Mr. Palparan that he will wipe out the communist in Eastern Visayas within 6 months (he's still in the 70's) can anyone tell him na pawala na an hard core na mga communista but he's campaign gains him more enemy instead of ally.

Samarnon needs all the love we can get! Its seems that GOD have forgotten Samar. We have a governor who steal (kawatan!!! shes not even from Samar!) a provincial board whos so corrupt that they even steal the calamity fund of the province. Samar is one of the poorest province in the country yet this kagalanggalang na mga official have the face to steal the CALAMITY FUND! have any of you seen our provincial hospital of Catbalogan??? I'm sure kinakawat liwat ito nira an fund. Mr. beltran said it well "a mockery of public office as public trust"

I appeal to all Samarnon na its high time that we should stand together on the issues of our basic human rights to be treated humanely by our government, what we have in Samar is a military dictator and a sesame street kind of provincial board and governor (dont worry mga kagalangalang I heard na palit na ni Mila an kaso ha Ombudsman iya kuno boyfriend na taga Masbate and lead man kay diri na kaya ni Ong an Manila, Cebu lang daw kaya ni Ong) Yes! napalit na an kaso nila, Happy times are here again lalo na may lobby fund an mga mining company ha Samar para sa inyo mga kagalangalang na mga bokal at syempre kay Gov. Yes! tuloy na tuloy and mining sa Samar inspite of the declaration of DENR official na Samar will be mining free province (Inuwat la kita nira)

Its so sad that this people who where given the opportunity in history to serve and make a difference in the lives of our people that they be remembered for the right that they could have done instead choose to be oppressor, judge and executioner. Lets us demand for what is morally upright and constitutional, its that to much to ask for?

Did GOD forgotten Samar? lets us all pray for healing and lets ask GOD to please stop the bloodshed and help us open the heart of our official that they see the cry and the desperation of our people. PLEASE serve the people. GUGMA HAN SAMAR Ahin na an iyo gugma? kailangan na namon ito, dako kamo nga mga tao puwide kamo mag lobby para ma tuwid it aton hinigugma nga SAMAR!

Name:  Dennis Villarin
Address: 338/8 Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Amphur Thalang, Phuket 83110, Thailand
Date:  4 May 2005

Surviving the tsunami in Thailand, I'm amazed and happy to come across this website. We are only 4 guys from Catbalogan here (Floro Tizon, Jacinto Cruz, Japs Sevilla). We've been living and playing music here for quite sometime and are always discussing Catbalogan which makes us homesick. Keep up the good work. You can always count on our support.

Name:  Edgar Garnace
Address:  23 Josefina Compound, Santos Village, Las Piñas City, MM
Date:  April 29, 2005

This site makes me proud I am from Samar! I've been reading the articles, the news,  the posts. They really embody the sentiments that engulf me everytime I pass by the squatters are near our place, even in the relocation areas in Cavite (and in some parts of Calabarzon area) and meet my fellow Samarnons/Leyteños. Pag napapadaan ako sa area ng Dasmariñas, at may nakakainuman akong kababayan (pag swerte, tuba, kahit may halong tubig para dumami!) napapatanong ka kung bakit nagsisiksikan kami sa isang lugar na laging tinatakot na mademolish, walang pagkain, mataniman, walang trabaho, (sa videoke, may maka-teybol ka pang kababayan; Ginoo, makangaralas!) habang ang lugar natin ay napakayaman.  The answers are already articulated here, in this site. I feel the sincerity of the vision and mission of the cyber organization. Damo nga salamat ha iyo.

Mga waray taramayon? (believe me, even in our own country- in Manila!, marginalized din tayo!) We do not deserve it!

Thank you for taking up the cause!

Suporta po ako! Waray ako kwarta, pero mabulig ako in a way I can.

Name:  Pio S. Columbretis
Address:  5159 N. Nagle Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60630
Date:  April 20, 2005

To Prof. Torres,

Thanks for the responses, it surely is nice to know other Samarnons doing well in this part of the world ideologically. My pride!

I have a problem though. You offered us to subscribe to the movement but try as I may, tinurutulbok hine nga mga links, waray gud ako paka buenas nga makakita han tama nga link. Please help. We are overly enthusiastic about getting involved.

Kan Mr. Batica, salamat daman han imo pagkilala han akon ginhuhunahuna nga magkaurusa kita, bisan la kun dinhi ha cyberspace. At least, siguro ini an magigin tinikangan hit masisiring nga "true linking of the hands" ha aton ngatanan hit mga Samarnon. Hi kita ebidensya hit nahinanabo ha Samar: Yadi kita ha langyaw dara hit rason nga pan-ekonomiya. Ginikan kita dara han pangiskuyla, nahingadto kita ha Manila, Cebu o bisan diin. Linakat kita ha kahirayuan and I am not certain if it is to the disadvantage of our respective towns but couldn't we have stayed and help around? Samar is not getting any better and I am not sure if it is getting worse. The point I need to extend to all of us is the need to reach back. I see in this site the nobility of purposes for everything that is here and I see so much good. Salamat nga daku.

Hi-unong hit cooperation, may-ada ko binati nga istorya: There was a man from China who went to a theater. Suddenly, the electricity went off. There was a slight panic but a reasonable voice rose over the din and funny, it had an accent. "Raise your hands," it said. And as everyone raised their hands, the electricity went on again. People looked for the source of the voice. Quite embarrassed, the Chinese man explained, "In China, they say many hands make light work."

Needless to say, can we all raise our hands to make light work?

Name:  Adelbert S. Batica
Address:  207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:  April 18, 2005

Mano Profesor -

Maupay ini nga ideya ni Mr. Colombretis, nga magkasuro-sumpay iton mga websites para hit Samar.  Bisan kon Basaynon ako, conectado gud ako hit bug-os nga Samar, sugad ha Este, pananglitan.  Hi Raul, asya man gihap, may mga connections niya ha Este.  Nalilipay gud ako nga may liwat mga taga-Norte nga bag-o pala nga binulig hini nga aton Gugma Han Samar.  Danay ngay-an ako bumisita hiton website hit mga Borongan, labi na gud kon minimingaw ako han akon mga kabarkada han hadto.

Name:   E. J. Tirona
Address:  Metro Manila
Date:  04-18-05


You have a couple of nice points there (An urgent need for reflection...). But first, about the rallyst for hire: One of our wards, an amputee, (whose old 2nd hand ill-fitting knee down prosthesis donated by a bumbay we replaced with one costing P12,000), told me about a "contractor" gathering rallyist promising exactly that amount (P500).

On one occasion (about 2 yrs ago), they were told to assemble near Paco park where a bus was supposed to fetch them as guests of ex-FL Marcos. He even showed me a crude leaflet of a "Marcos Foundation" extolling the virtues of the 1st Lady and promising some sort of assistance for "livelihood". They were supposed to be 5 bus loads in all to be brought to a certain occasion outside Manila. But they ended up walking to Liwasang Bonifacio for a 'generic' anti-everything rally. You know, 'yung tipong "Down with everything up!!! rally". Anyway, he told me that they were given only P200 (siguro dahil walang pukpukan) and promising the balance "next time na lang". Smart talaga no?

On ceasefire and peace talks: Even during the time of Marcos that has been one of the frustrations of our combat troops. The father of a childhood friend who was a veteran of the Kamlon campaign in Jolo with the 10th or 11th BCT said that on one govt blitzkrieg they were clearly on the upperhand when orders "direct from the Palace" from Code 1 gave the ceasefire order! Galit na galit si Col. Chavez (of Luksuhin, Calatagan) as his radio man beside him who was bleeding wanted to pursue the fight together with the rest of the boys. I think the radioman died in that episode. Am not sure if the Kamlon case was Marcos' time but I've heard several similar situations in the Mindanao campaign during his regime.

Of course we want peacetalks than the gory sight of mutilated bodies and weeping widows but when push comes to shove and leads to a firefight e tapusin na ng hwag ng maulit o lumaki pa ang gulo! Really sorry to say that, pero ganyan talaga sa gyerra. Look what is happening now. We are still counting dead bodies from both sides. Of course better if the anti-govt forces are overwhelmed to surrender.

You know, sa tingin ko di naman talagang masasamang tao itong sila Karl Marx, Lennin, Mao at iba pa (maliban 'dun sa nag-papalakol sa ulo ni Trotsky!). During their time there were really social injustices that must me stopped. Sabi nga ni V.I. Lennin: "Revolution is the midwife of an old society pregnant with a new one" Sagot ko lang, hwag namang Caesarian section agad ang intervention. Mas madugo yan! At hindi pang midwife yan. Duon na ako sa tamang pamamaraan mas na-aangkop sa sitwasyon.

I trully believe that what we really need is a revolution from within. A reflective focus on our interior life to weed out the causes of our alienation from one another and to God- our tendency to allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by greed! If only more people will indulge in that exercise the revolution will surely be bloodless and successful and more humane.

Lastly, you mentioned John Paul II. He was a passionate shepherd who really gave it all to his flock. He emptied himself totally as his motto "Totus Tuus" promised to God and humanity. Yes! For me the disintegration of the then powerful monolithic communist Soviet Union was a miracle promised by our Lady of Fatima! Another reason why I strongly cling to my faith.

Besides, kung ang buhay at pananampalataya ay iha-hambing natin sa isang sugal, or if we are to gamble about our life and faith, I might as well bet on God. If I lose, then I merely lose the chance to indulge in a finite life of orgy. But if I win, well... what does eternal life of happiness mean to anyone? Boring? The choice is ours.

Have a nice weekend amigo.

Mang Senyong

Name:   Pio S. Columbretis
Address:  Chicago, Illinois
Date:  04-17-05

To Mr. Cesar Torres,

We came from the Eastern Samar towns of Sulat and San Julian and both my wife and I sponsor our towns "unofficial" web sites. We would like to ask your permission to link your site to ours, there are just so much good news which concerns all of the Samar Island population. Better yet, I am proposing a web ring for all Samar sites and so we can all work together to improve the whole of the island.

Thank you very much!

Name:  Fenny
Address:  Brgy Dawa, Basay, Samar
Date:  13 Apr 05

Maupay nga adlaw mga igkase ko Samarnon.

I am glad I came across to this website. I am from Bry Dawa, about 45 minutes by pumpboat from the town proper of Basay.

Our province has long been neglected, especially the remote barangays. A litany of problems which are the root causes of insurgency and poverty. Education, agriculture and environment and neglected and becoming worst.

I congratulate the people behind the creation of this website.  I hope that this will become an avenue of interactions of concerned Samarnons towards the upliftment of the present situation of our beloved province.

Name:  L Velarde
Address:  2715 University Blvd W, Wheaton, MD 20902
Date:  04/02/2005

Well, Ms. Borromeo, we should let the Ombudsman accountable for doing nothing on that plunder case against the Samar Governor.

Maupay it nga mga hingyap han GUGMA HAN SAMAR Movement.  Ano ba it pag api hini.  Dako it akon pasalamat nga mayda man guihapon sugad hini nga grupo.

It nga short video presentation han Home for the Aged, very touching.  More power Gugma Han Samar.

If you are not interested in Magician For Hire , then you have already missed a lot.

Name:  Katherine Borromeo
Address:  Calbayog City, Samar
Date:  29 March 2005

To Mr. Cesar Torres:

Thank you very much for inviting me to Gugma Han Samar. I appreciate it. I'd gladly join your group. Move on... and more power to you..


Name:  Cesar Torres
Country:  USA & Pilipinas
Date:  24 March 2005

Dear Ms. Katherine Borromeo and Mr. Harvey Fiji:

Thank you so much for posting in our Gugma Discussion Board. Bisan la kita aadi hiton luyo hito Samar, the important thing is we are all for Samar.

Ms. Borromeo, the Samarnons would appreciate it very much if you can join us in our  Kairo man intawon ni Loudette Avelino. Naguusa-an.  And yet Calbayog is so huge.

Harvey, I think you should be an officer of the Gugma Han Samar foundations in America.  Please share your thoughts with us.  Ikaw an bata pa.  You should start carrying the flag.

If you are not interested in Resin Bound Paving , then you have already missed a lot.

Name:  Katherine Borromeo
Address:  Avelino St., Calbayog City, Samar, Philippines
Date:  24 March 2005

Samar Government Officials headed by Milagrosa Tan was charged by the Ombudsman for Plunder. Yet, nothing has been done until this time.  Shouldn't they be suspended from holding their office now? Let the Province of Samar rest from these corrupt lady governor and her cohorts! Let's all work together, the Samarnons, for Samar and her future!

Name:  Harvey Fiji
Address:  Fontana, California  92335, USA
Date:  March 23, 2005

Ha ngatanan:

Para hiton interesado han kinada-an nga klase han aton yinaknan nga Sinamar-Leytenhon nga Binisaya, an University of Michigan mayda digital nga online nga kopya hin daan nga pagpurulungan o diksyunario han aton yinaknan.

It ngaran hiton diksyunario amo an "Diccionario Bisaya-Español Para Las Provincias de Sámar y Leyte" ngan ginhimo ini ni Padre Antonio Sánchez de la Rosa ha tuig 1895.

Iton address hini nga digital copy hini nga daan nga diksyunario adi ha:

Hi Padre Antonio V. Alcázar naghimo hin supplemento hini nga diksyunario hadton tuig 1925 ngan mabibilngan gihapon ini ha:

Name:  Boy Blue Villarin
Address:  Manila, Philippines
Date:  March 10, 2005

I am glad to have accessed this page. hope somebody would know me from this board and say hello to me.

Name:  Gerarda Cinco-Tizon
Address:  212 San Francisco St., Catbalogan, Samar 6700, Philippines
Email:  gerarda_tizon@yahoo,com
Date:  Feb. 19, 2005

I am Dr. Gerarda Cinco-Tizon, a former Medical Specialist II of the Samar Provincial Hospital.

I am writing to make clarifications on the issue raised by Mrs. Susan Aclo-Arce in one of her messages in this discussion board dated last September 25, 2004 regarding her donation of balikabayan box of disposal syringes, mga IVs, etc. to Samar Provincial Hospital.

I received the box through Jenson Trucking. The box was given UNOPENED to Mrs. Salva Arellano. I asked them to acknowledge and thank you for your donations.

Unfortunately, I am no longer connected with Samar Provincial Hospital at present, but rest assured that I am going to ask Mrs. Arellano about the issue and tell her to write you personally.

Good Day. 

Name:   Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:  Feb. 16, 2005

Ha imo Purificacion,

Salamat hini nga imo pagpukaw han Gugma ha Samar pinaagi hini nga imo mga pakiana.  Una ha ngatanan, pinaagi hin pagpakilala - taga Basay ako, ngan batid hit kabutang yana hiton area hit Basay, Suhoton, Marabut, ngan iba pa nga mga bungto nga hirani hit Basay.  Maiha na ako nga waray hingangadto ha Borongan, kundi naka-escuela ako didto, sanglit it Eastern Samar, diri gud iton langyaw nga lugar para ha ak.

1.  Matuod, rico iton Samar kon mga unob nga bahandi it karo-kayakan, sugad hit kagugub-an, mina, dagat, mga salog, nga iba pa.  Kundi tikang la matukod an mina hadto ha Bagacay, ngan an kan Elizalde hadto mina didto ha MacArthur, nakakita kita, an mga Samareño han pag-iba han aton kapaligiran, an mga salog ug mga sapa nga inaabot han hugaw tikang han mga mina, kon waray kamatay dinayon nala hin paghubas.  Ngan tikang liwat magtikang an baga waray na katapusan nga panmulod hin mga kahoy ha aton mga kagugub-an, sige naman liwat an nawaray na katapusan nga paglunupi han kauumhan ug mga tuna han lomolopyo ha Samar.  Sugad hit kadam-an nga mga lugar ha Filipinas, it Samar nasarig hit pag-uma, hit agricultura ngan pangisda para pinakamahinungdanon nga kinahanglanon hit tawo - an pagkaon ngan pakabuhi.  Yana nga inawat na an aton han daw sugad hin waray katapusan nga pagmina ngan pag-logging han hadto, plano na liwat hit gobierno nga abrihan na liwat an Samar kay basi makasulod an mga compañia hin mina.

Dako na nga darahug an nahimo hini nga mga logging ngan mining operations, nga di ngani mga taga-Samar an mga tag-iya.  Kon aton pasudlon na liwat an mga compañia hin mina, ano namanla it mahibibilin para hit mga tawo, para hit mga tominongnong nga Samareño, labi na gud an inarikawot la nga nagpapatigayon hin pag-uma o ngan pangisda.  Kon bumalik it mga mina, ngain man it paghapil hin hugaw ("mining waste") nga seguro nga resulta hit pagmina - ngadto na liwat hit mga sapa, salog, kadagatan.  Ngan ano it mahihimo hini nga epekto hin calidad hit tuna, mahihimo nala nga "ilo nga tuna" kay waray naman maturok.

Matuod may kakurian yana ha Samar, makuri it trabaho ngan pakabuhi hit mga tawo, kundi it pagmina ba it pinaka-maupay nga solusyon hini nga pagkuri?  Sidngon ta pa nga makakabulig o makakahatag it mga taga-mina hin trabaho para hit mga Samareño, ano man nga klase hin trabaho?  Ka peon, parapala, bangin kon de buenason - ka foreman?  Pira man it sueldo nga kikitaon hit mga trabajador?  Sadang na ba ini nga razon pag-abri na liwat hin tuna, kon it aton mga salog ngan mga sapa magmamara, o sino aawton it aton mga kakahuyan ngan mga uma?  Kon baga ha iningles pa, there's an economic opportunity, but what are the social, environmental, and human costs involved?  Sayud naman kita han nahitabo didto ha Marinduque.  Is mining worth the investment in terms of social, environmental, or human devastation?  Masusukol ba naton pina-agi hin dolyar it pagsacrificio ngan pagsakit hit kadam-an?  Kon huhuna-hunaon, lugi gud kita.

Ngan labot pa, may gad ngani sinesering nga "development opportunity", kundi it "fundamental question":  "Ano nga klase hin pagpauswag, ngan pagpauswag para kan kanay?"  I'm not against development, but we always have to ask the fundamental question:  "Development for whom?"  Hin-o gud it magpupulos ngan makaka-ganancia hini nga pagmina - it compañia mismo, it gobierno (pinaagi hin mga buwis ngan "license fees").  Mas magpupulos it mga mining companies hini nga kasugad, ngan magpupulos man liwat it gobierno pinaagi hin pagkolekta hin buwis.  There will be added revenues to the national treasury, but at the same time - aren't there other sources of revenues?  Don't small businesses and individuals and families also pay taxes?  Kon kulang man it contribucion hit mga gudti nga negocio, unta buligan nala ini hira nga dumako ngan magrabong, kay basi liwat daro-dako it ira contribucion.  Kay bisan it tinalagudti, natitirok gihapon (basta di la ginkukurib-kutib hit mga kurakot).

2.  Ano it angay buhaton hit mga Samareño?  Mag-urusa, ugupan it mga grupo nga nasupak hini nga plano hin pagmina na liwat ha Samar.  Kon it mga provincial government diri nagi-os, ada - kadto kita hit municipal level, aton atubangon it mga mayor ngan consejales kay basi may mapasaka nga mga ordenanza kontra hit pag-mina.  Have municipalities declare their barangays, sitios, and areas under their jurisdiction as "Mining-Free Zones".  As for the ordinary citizens and concerned citizens - continue information campaigns.  Lamragi ta it aton mga igkasi Samareño, pukawon ta hira.  Diri ini mahihimo hin pipira ka tawo, it lomolopyo hit bug-os nga isla kinahanglan tumindog ngan makigbisog kontra hini nga plano.

3.  Waray pagpupulsan hin mga yano nga taghimungto hini nga plano pagpabalik han mining companies.  Waray sinesering nga "responsible" mining, kay bisan didi ha America nga avanzado na it tecnologia, damo la gihap it nakarit basta ngaran na nga pag-mina it karo-kayakan, kay bis pa unanhon - kon uukaron it tuna, kinahanglan man liwat nga may ihahapil.  Sering pa ni Mr. Unding Orlanes, usa hit mga banggi-itan nga mga anti-mining activists:  "Tubtub man san-o it pag-inukad, ngan ano man liwat it mauukad?"  It makuri pa hini kay iba gud it kapaligiran hit Samar - damo it aton mga "subterranean" nga salog, sapa, burabud.  Takay kon sige it pag-inukad, may gihapon pagtapo hin pag-ukad ngan hit aton mga "subterranean" o ilarom ha tuna nga mga salog ngan sapa.  Di pati it aton "water source" apektado na hini!  Ano pa man it iimnon hit mga tawo, kon it ira tubig "contaminated" na, naglubog na ngan nasarakan na hin hugaw tikang ha mina?

Salamat hini nga imo mga paki-ana, Purificacion, kay napukaw liwat ako ngan nakapanhuna-huna.  Ayaw na kita hit nga pag-mina, kay dako na nga darahug an nahimo hini han hadto pa.  Ayaw na kita hit nga logging, kay it aton kabubkiran - nagkapapahak na.  Bisan ngani it aton supply hin isda natika-waray la, kay kitaa nala iton nga Maqueda Bay - baga himaratyon na, daw sugad hin usa nala nga langaw it mapirma.  Protect the environment, protect our land, sea, waterways and others.  For without the environment, there can be no people.  Waray mga kalibungan o kapaligiran, waray mga unob nga bahandi - waray man liwat tawo, waray kabubuwason.

Asya la ini it akon mahia-asoy yana.  Bangin madugangan pa ini ha umarabot nga mga adlaw.  Ha pagkayana, maigo na gad seguro ini nga aton mga baton nga dugang nga pakiana - kay basi gud an ngatanan malamragan mahitungod hini nga issue.

Name:  Purificacion Sugalan-Daloos
Address:  392 Greenfield's Lane, Guindapunan, Palo, Leyte 6501, Philippines
Date:  Feb. 11, 2005

Maopay nga adlaw ha ngatanan!

Una han ngatanan naghuhumalatag ako hin katalahuran han ngatanan nga miembro o naapi hine nga grupo.  Tuguti ako niyo nga makabulig ako hit irestorya naton kay dire nailob it akon kalugaringon nga diri ako mag reach out ngadto hit akon iba nga mga igkase Samarnon pag pakita hin concern hit ato kalibungan, komo ako usa nga taga Eastern Samar (San Julian).

Kon iyo mahibabaruan, yana nga panahon our national government is pushing for the revitalization of mining in the country.  I am sure that our dear Samar will not be spared of this thrust of the government considering the richness of the island in terms of natural resources like: forest resources, biodiversity and of course mineral resources.

Mayda la ako usa nga pakiana hit mga igkase ko Samarnon. We are fighting hard for the legislation of the SINP to protect our biodiversity resources and to uplift the living condition of the Samareños who depend on the resources of the Samar Island.  But here comes the thrust of government for mining nga ira ginbabanabana nga magsosolvar hit kakurian (economic crises) not only of the Samareños but of the whole country in general.


1. Ano it aton masesering hionong hine, ano it aton reaction hine nga move hit government yana?

2. Ano it aangay buhaton hit mga Samareños?

3.  Kon panaglitan waray na gud mahimo pagkontra hine nga dako nga plano hit gobyerno kay makakaupay man ada ine hit aton nasud considering the multifarious benefits of mining, kaya ba naton mga Samareños ine nga masunod?
- pagseguro magkakaada hin responsible mining ha aton lugar para malikayan an destroso?
- pagseguro nga adton mga Samareños makakatagamtam hine nga benepisyo para mag-upay an ira mga panginabuhi?
- pagseguro nga an proceeds han mining makadto gud han kaban han gobyero para kita makabayad han aton utang?
- pagseguro nga makabantay kita nga dire an proceeds han mining makukurakot han aada ha poder?
- pagseguro nga dire la an mga langyawanon an makakabenipisyo han pagmina?

Damo pa nga duro it akon mga pakiana salit bulige ako hin pagbaton bangin niyan ha urhi ibalik ini ha akon nga mga pamakiana.

Salamat hin madamo ngan hinaut unta nga mag tikauswag la an Samar bisan pa ine pag-unan hon.

Name:  Adelbert S. Batica
Address:   207 West 31st Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408, USA
Date:  02 Feb. 2005

Finally, I was able to go over Mano Profesor's article on GMA's most recent visit to L.A., wherein our dear professor raises a whole host of issues.  Of course, I agree with most of the issues he has raised, especially the issue of not relying solely on the president, the government, or a few leaders to uplift and clean up the country.  Change and ridding the country of graft and corruption should be everybody's business, everybody should pitch in.  But of course, the people at the helm should also have the credibility if they want the people to rally around their appeals to clean up, fix up, and get moving.  Change doesn't happen overnight, it only comes with a long-term and sustained effort.  On my most recent visit to Mexico, a catchy slogan really fascinated me:  "El progreso requiere esfuerzo" - "Progress requires effort."  Correcto mundo, amigo - An kauswagan nakinahanglan hin panalimbasog.  An maupay nga panuyo, inu-updan hin maupay nga buhat.

Agidaw, ano - hirayo pa gud kita han aton mga hingyap.  Kundi waray sapayan, kay padayon gihap kita han aton mag-upay nga panuyo para han Samar.  Padisan unta an mga pulong hin buhat nga magdadara ha aton ngadto ha kauswagan. 

Name:  Hermie "Emik" Sanchez
Address:  Piczonville, Brgy Guinsorongan, Catbalogan, Samar 6700, PH
Date:   January 4, 2005

Mainuswagon nga Bag-o nga Tuig ha aton Ngatanan!!!!!!!!!

Manong Cesar, ty for this WS, we can now post some of our challenges, struggles and opportunity to the long-drawn issues on environment in Samar.

Kunta, with what had happened to Quezon, Aurora, etc. caused by super typhoon, the real culprit came out environment criminals. Ini kunta an aton maging mananong nga surundanon.  An proposed Bauxite mining exploration areas, in nasalirung hin aton kagugub-an, HALA! dire la watershed naton an MARURUBA! dire la TUBIG an MAWAWARA! kundi KARAT-AN an HINGANGADTUAN! kairo han KABUBUWASON han aton mga KABATAAN!

Hope GUGMA will be there to support us in our fiery stance and MAKASAMARNON nga PAKIGBISOG para ha KALIBUNGAN han SAMAR!






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