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Name: Romualdo Delorino Saises
Address: La Purisima St., Las Navas, Northern Samar 6420
Date: August 7, 2014

I am inviting everyone to join me in my advocacy for SAMAR, ONE ISLAND, ONE REGION TO CALLED AS REGION 8A.

Let us discuss it here on how to start the activity. Initially I went to NEDA and ask some preliminary question.

Then I will invite Cong. Mel Senen Sarmiento on August 24, 2014 as our guest speaker and one of the topic is about the proposed Region 8A.


Engr. Romualdo D. Saises
Municipal Engineer
Las Navas, Northern Samar

Femdom Mistress

Name: Raghu
Address: Steer4, Singapore 520945, Singapore
Date: 22/02/2014

I am urging independent minded members and readers of Gugma Han Samar to sponsor or co-sponsor a public debate on the major issues affecting the island of Samar.

There should be a panel of speakers from the candidates running for Congress and Governor as well as interpellators from the well-known members of civil society of Samar. In this way, the people of Samar will know exactly whom they will vote for.



Name: Hermilo
Address: Brgy. Buray, Paranas, Samar
Date: 15 Dec 2012


Sangkay paminsar daw, yana tiabot na liwat panahon han mga BUWAON ngan mga MAGLIMBONG…
kulang na la an BULAN ngan mga BITOON isaad ha aton…salapi nag-aarak paghugay ha aton para hira maka pwesto la gihapon…

Kundi panumduma daw sangkay ini nga kamatuoran ngan aton kwentahon:

1 ka tuig = 365 ka adlaw
1 ka termino = 3 ka tuig
365 x 3 = 1,095 ka adlaw

Kon ikaw makarawat hin mil ka pesos (Php 1,000.00)

P1,000 ÷ 1,095 ka adlaw = P 0.9132 SENTIMOS LA kada adlaw an imo kinarawat nga bulig tikang ha ira….
di’ ngani makakapalit hin ASIN o BITSIN ‘say pa ba maghatag mga kinahanglanon
molopyo nga pobre ha kakurian naglulunay tikang pa hadto ngada yana
hingyap KATALWASAN hini nga KAKURIAN tungod han PAGPAHIMULOS han mga TINU-INAN!



Siplat sangkay, ha wala ha tuo, bisan diin nga munisipyo o barangay man,
Iyo makikita tinikangan nga proyekto di man hinuhuman…
Kay kono mauran ngan an pondo nagkulang
O di kaya kay di man sagkay mayora ni gobernadora o congresswoman…

Road opening/surfacing…. kantidad diri ma menos 200 milyones…. ginbulsa han kontraktor ngan mga tinapuran….SOP nga 20% anay bulsa pamun-on nira…

Medicina para han kablas milyones gin-alotaga ngan iba nga PONDO ginre-align...
para ignenegosyo kay sobra katunga (1/2) an KITA nira….

Mga Infra nabaras ….kay GANANSYA nga DAKO pinamumurot NIRA….

Salet, sangkay ayaw hipa-usa kon hain hira nakuha hin SALAPI nga HURA…


Name:  Cesar Torres
Date: May 20, 2011

Comment on Rene Azurin's "Forcing through", shared by Senator Aquilino Pimentel
By Cesar Torres on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 7:16am

Thank you Senator Pimentel, sir on this: "Forcing through"

To me, there are only two institutions that are capable of righting the wrongs on this issue, if indeed that is the case: The Armed Forces of the Philippines in an exercise of armed force and the Supreme Court of the Philippines. The Supreme Court is inutile. The Armed Forces of the Philippines cannot be expected to declare an armed intervention against those who are regarded as occupying positions of authority in this government.

Of course, there is the third possibility -- the mass of Filipinos who will go back to EDSA and all over the country for mass protest. Is this possible? Of course. But who will initiate it? The National Democratic Front and all the groups subsumed under their network including the New Peoples Army? The Laban ng Masa groups? The SUNDALO groups, the CBCP? The group of Rodel Rodis and NaFFAA in America?

The MILF-MNLF combine?

And will the mass of our starving, hungry, hopeless, unwashed, millions of Filipino harken to their call? There were no deaths associated with EDSA ! and EDSA 2. In fact, I consider them as miraculous mass actions that changed the direction of Philippine political history.

But could the Miracles in EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 ever happen again?

I am afraid not, Senator Pimentel.

What else could be done? In a process that is peaceful, noble, and exemplary?

President Simeon Benigno Aquino III himself can initiate something. He can ask the United Nations, America, Brunei, Arabia, the EU, the OAS, the OIS, the ASEAN, to organize a multinational group that can oversee an election because he will resign. He will present himself to the Fillipino people again and ask for their mandate. In a process that will do away with this electoral process that we are questioning. He can ask these groups to contribute for the snap election for just the Presidency, the Vice Presidency, and the Senators.

If he does this, he will indeed go down in Philippine History as a hero. The father of a respected, honorable, progressive Philippines. He will be able to do what his father and his mother could not do. We can even name the Philippines into "Simeona" or "Noynoya".

I am afraid Senator Pimentel, sir that we will just have to continue to muddle through.

In the meantime, kaming taga Samar naghihintay kung ano ang gagawin niya at ang kanyang grupo tungkol sa assassination kay Calbayog City Mayor, Dr Ening Uy. His death almost resulted in the death of a very popular hope of Samar and the Philippines, a young leader, Atty Eunice Uy, the No. 1 Board Member in Samar in the last election.

Samar politics is dirty, reminding me of Aristotle's imagination of a dung heap. But he says that even in a dung heap, a lovely rose can bloom. This is what we think of Eunice Uy and the late Ening Uy and Samar, and Philippine politics.

The National Democratic Front had nothing to do with the assassination of Mayor Uy and the wounding of Eunice Babalcon.

Sino ang nagpapatay kay Mayor Uy?

We are awaiting the statesmanship of President Aquino, the Tabula Rasa, the Child of Destiny, the Hope of TIME Magazine to empower our people so that they are not pagpag eaters and are not hungry, the Possible Reincarnation of St. Augustine.

Thank you Senator Pimentel, sir.

Good morning.

Cesar Torres

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This might interest you and our concerned country men and women abroad.


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From: Rene Azurin <>
Subject: Forcing through
Date: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 7:59 AM

Thursday, May 19, 2011 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Strategic Perspective -- by René B. Azurin
Forcing through

In basketball, the offense used to be descriptively called "forcing through." This was a foul on the charging player. No referee, however, is expected to call a foul on the six Comelec commissioners who’ve rammed through a lone blocker (Commissioner Gus Lagman) to satisfy an ardent desire to buy Smartmatic’s PCOS machines for the ARMM elections in August. They doubtless intend to get away with sweeping aside prescribed procedures and the warnings of IT experts on the serious flaws of the Smartmatic system.

The referee here should be the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee. According to the Poll Automation Law (R.A. 9369), it is the JCOC that should finally decide whether "[a] particular AES [automated election system] technology is already appropriate and should be utilized fully for subsequent election [sic]." R.A. 9369 also provides that it is the JCOC that should determine whether "[a] particular AES technology should no longer be utilized for being obsolete, inapplicable, inaccurate or with a defect which cannot be remedied." The 6-to-1 vote in the en banc session of the Commission on Elections probably means that the six charging commissioners -- lawyers all -- believe that they can just ignore the JCOC in this matter and dispense with such minor legal details.

The six commissioners also presumably feel more knowledgeable about information technology issues than the top IT experts in the country (including the dissenting Mr. Lagman). Ateneo computer science professor Dr. Pablo Manalastas, for example, said that he "found the Smartmatic-supplied PCOS technology... full of bugs and errors... (and) not fit for use in any election." Clearly perplexed, he continued, "Yet it defies human logic and common sense that despite public concerns about the AES -- including from the country’s key IT organizations and academics -- the Comelec is hell-bent on re-using the discredited Smartmatic PCOS in the coming elections."

The Comelec’s behavior actually has IT industry practitioners and computer science experts in an uproar. In a letter last month to the Senate Committee on Local Governments, Dr. Manalastas, De La Salle Dean of Computer Science Dr. Rachel Roxas, Philippine Computer Society Foundation President Nelson Celis, Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team President Angel Averia, Philippine Computer Society’s Edmundo Casiño, and others, unequivocally said that "we are against the use of the defective PCOS machines/AES used in the May 2010 elections."

AES Watch is a nonpartisan, independent coalition of citizens’ groups that closely monitored the conduct of the May 2010 elections. This election watchdog includes some 40 organizations like Namfrel, CBCP-Nassa, the National Council of Churches of the Philippines, Transparency International-Philippines, the Center for People Empowerment in Governance, the UP Alumni Association, the Philippine Computer Society Foundation, the Computing Society of the Philippines, the Computer Professionals Union, the Philippine Computer Emergency Response Team, CAUCUS-Philippine Computer Society, and the deans and faculty of the computer science departments of UP, De La Salle, and Ateneo. In a released formal statement, AES Watch said that "the Smartmatic-provided PCOS technology is non-transparent, dismally lacks security safeguards, is non-auditable, and is full of inaccuracies." Of the conduct of the May 2010 elections, AES Watch categorically stated that "the election technology was critically defective not only in terms of software and infrastructures but also in election management and legal implementation."

Notably, the Comelec’s own technical advisory council, chaired (then) by Mr. Anthony Roxas-Chua, recommended (in a post-election report dated June 20, 2010) that Comelec not lease or buy the Smartmatic PCOS machines for future elections.

In ignoring all these independent experts and observers, one surely has to be impressed by the confidence exhibited by the six Comelec commissioners in their own IT knowledge and abilities.

For the ARMM elections, reliable sources report that Comelec is preparing to negotiate a contract amounting to some P 1.95 billion. That amount is broken down as follows: hardware (PCOS machines), P130.9 million; ballot boxes, P17.0 million; election consumables, P50.3 million; technology related services, P756.0 million, and non-technology related services, P1,000.0 million. In a letter to the Senate’s Joint Congressional Oversight Committee for Elections, IT industry guru Manuel Alcuaz Jr. declared, "The proposed contract is definitely bloated."

Mr. Alcuaz noted that "ARMM’s 3,379 PCOS precincts represent only 4.42% of the national total of 76,347 PCOS precincts." He pointed out that 4.42% of the amount of P1,900 million spent for technology services in the May 2010 elections is only P83.9 million, not P756.0 million. Ah, that’s an overprice of 800%! Mr. Alcuaz also observed that, in the 2010 elections, Comelec rented the 82,200 PCOS machines for P30,600 per machine and, now, proposes to buy 4,000 machines for the same amount per machine. He then pointed to Comelec’s oft-repeated justification for buying the Smartmatic machines as the Smartmatic contract’s stipulation that Comelec had the right to buy the machines at only 30% of their rental price. That being so, the correct price for the machines is P9,185 each, which translates to a total of P36 million for 4,000 machines, not P130.9 million. The overprice here is around 300%! Mr. Alcuaz also wondered what a whopping P1000.0 million of non-technology-related services could include and why this should be negotiated with a technology contractor like Smartmatic.

The incentives for forcing through this new deal with Smartmatic are becoming clear.

For a European Union-funded project, the UP-based research group Center for People Empowerment in Governance studied the automation of the 2010 elections from its beginnings (in 2008). CenPEG executive director Evita Jimenez and policy studies director Bobby Tuazon said in a recent press conference, "As in the first automated elections of May 10, 2010, the Comelec, now headed by former election lawyer Sixto Brillantes, is again short-cutting the procedure and is making decisions under a shroud of secrecy."

Neither Comelec nor the Venezuelan company Smartmatic and its Philippine partner TIM have been able to rebut the criticisms of groups like AES Watch and CenPEG.

In a joint statement, AES Watch and CenPEG stated, "There should be no illusion that modern technology will guarantee a free election. Who controls the machine controls the votes. There are more daunting tasks that should be addressed to make our elections democratic and these include a thorough reform of the Comelec to make it a credible and independent election manager. The cheating machineries of traditional political parties and oligarchs should be effectively checked. Until these issues are effectively answered, the people’s right to equalize the election playing field and their freedom to choose a government that truly represents their sovereign voice will remain on paper only."

Very well said.

Name:  Ericson Acosta
Address:  Sub-provincial jail, Calbayog City
Date:  April 18, 2011

Isang Pagsipat sa Sitwasyon ng Karapatang Pantao sa Silangang Kabisayaan

By Ericson Acosta

Alam kong nag-iisip ang marami: Bakit dinakip ng militar si Acosta? Bakit siya ikinulong? Nasaang kasuluk-sulukan ng kapuluan ang barangay Bay-ang, at ano naman kaya ang pinaggagagawa roon ng isang makata at manunulat na gaya ni Ericson Acosta?

Sa katunayan, mga tanong ito na mahalaga hindi lamang para sa isang taong mausisa, o para lamang sa mga sektor na nakakikilala sa akin bilang isang aktibista at manggagawang pangkultura, at ngayon ay nananawagan ng aking paglaya. Mula sa aking karanasan ay nakita ko mismo na sadyang baluktot at mapanlinlang ang paghawak ng mga awtoridad sa aking pagkaka-aresto at detensyon – nakita ko mismo kung paano nagsabwatan sa pagyurak ng aking mga karapatan ang mga institusyon na inaasahan sana na magtatanggol dito. Kung kaya’t mga tanong din ito para sa sinumang may interes sa isyu ng karapatang pantao, laluna sa konteksto ng nagpapatuloy na kalunus-lunos na sitwasyon nito sa Silangang Kabisayaan, gayundin sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng bansa.

Sa panibagong pagsisiwalat ng Commission on Human Rights (CHR) hinggil sa kaso ng nawawalang aktibista na si Jonas Burgos, muling napatunayan na ang laganap na mga insidente ng pampulitikang pamamaslang at desaparesidos sa bansa ay sistematikong ipinatupad – at patuloy na ipinatutupad – ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) bilang bahagi ng programa nito sa kontra-insurhensiya. Ngunit habang hindi pa nadidiin at napapanagot ang AFP sa libu-libong kaso ng abuso sa buong kapuluan, nananatili ang klima ng pangamba at takot sa mamamayan.

Habang umaasa ang karamihan sa pagbabago at katarungang ipinapangako ng bagong rehimen ni Pangulong Noynoy Aquino, patuloy ang hirap na buhay sa Silangang Kabisayaan. Kunsabagay, ang Rehiyon VIII ay rehiyon nga naman ng mga “Waray” (wala), ang etno-lingwisktikong grupo ng mga tao mula sa kulumpon ng mga isla ng Samar, Leyte at Biliran.

Napakatingkad ng lokal na kultura at tradisyon ng mga Waray, kung kaya halos hindi alintana ang trahedya ng atrasadong agrikultura at ekonomiya sa pang-araw-araw na buhay. Ngunit kahit nalilibang sa “tuba” (alak) at “kuratsa” (isang katutubong sayaw), ay nananatili ang katotohanan. Ang kawalan ng panlipunang hustisya ay pinalalala lamang ng mga natural na kalamidad. Dahil sa nakaraang tuluy-tuloy na pag-ulan, pinangangambahan ng lahat ang pagguho ng lupa sa Leyte na gaya ng nangyari sa Ormoc at St. Bernard. Sa mga bayan ng Catbalogan at San Jorge sa Samar, inasahan na rin ng mga magsasaka na lulunurin ng “apo” o baha ang kanilang mga pananim – nagaganap sa kanila ang sakunang ito, taun-taon sa loob na ng mahigit 50 taon.

Karaniwang pangyayari na rin ang malawakang operasyong militar sa mga interyor na baryo at bulubundukin. Habang ipinagmamalaki ng AFP na “pulbos na” ang insurhensiya sa isla ng Leyte, itinuturing naman nito bilang pambansang prayoridad ang buong isla ng Samar. Ang dalawang isla ay hinagupit ng “huling hirit” ng malawakang militarisasyon na bahagi ng Oplan Bantay Laya II (OBL II) ng rehimeng Arroyo. Ang OBL II ay patuloy na ipinatupad ng rehimeng Aquino hanggang Enero 2011, bago ito pinalitan ng Oplan Bayanihan kamakailan. Sa Rehiyon VIII, ang “huling hirit” na ito ay tinaguriang “Operation October Left Cross” ng 8th Infantry Division (8th ID) ng AFP, ang dibisyon ng sandatahang lakas na siyang nakasasaklaw sa buong Silangang Kabisayaan.

Matinding abuso ang naranasan ng rehiyon sa ilalim ng OBL, kaya’t kahit pa ilang heneral na ang nagrigodon bilang hepe ng AFP at 8th ID, iisa pa rin ang mukha ng militarisasyon sa buong rehiyon. Wala pa ring ibang “kilalang sundalo” ang mga tao kundi ang tinaguriang “berdugo” na si Jovito Palparan.

Ang sitwasyon ng karapatang pantao sa rehiyon

Sa buong rehiyon, naisadokumento sa ilang fact-finding mission na pinangunahan ng Katungod-Sinirangan Bisayas (Katungod-SB), ang lokal na sanga ng pambansang alyansang Karapatan, na daan-libong magsasaka at sibilyan ang nagiging biktima ng militarisasyon sa mga sentrong bayan at kanayunan. Ang mga datos na ito ang siya kong binalikan upang makumpirma mismo sa mga magsasaka, partikular sa mga bulubunduking baryo sa ilang munisipalidad ng Samar.

Kabilang sa mga kaso ang pagpatay, ilegal na pag-aresto, sapilitang ebakwasyon at dislokasyon, pambobomba, pang-iistraping, panununog ng bahay, pangwawasak ng pananim, blokeyo ng pagkain, pisikal at mental na presyur at tortyur, at iba pa. Rumurok ang pinsala ng OBL sa populasyong sibilyan noong 2005, o sa ngayo’y bukambibig na ng mga tao na “panahon ni Palparan.” Subalit, malinaw din na nagpapatuloy ang militarisasyon hanggang sa kasalukuyang Oplan Bayanihan ni Aquino.

Sa ulat ng Karapatan, umabot sa 126 ang mga biktima ng pampulitikang pamamaslang, habang 27 ang naging desaparesido sa rehiyon sa ilalim ng rehimeng Arroyo. Nangunguna ang istatistikang ito kumpara sa bilang ng mga biktima sa iba pang mga rehiyon sa Kabisayaan. Kabilang sa mga pinaslang ang mga kilalang aktibista at tagapagtaguyod ng karapatang pantao na sina Atty. Felidito Dacut, Dr. Bartolome Resuello, Atty. Norman Bocar, Rev. Edison Lapuz, Prof. Jose Ma.Cui at Fr. Cecilio Lucero.

Patuloy ang intimidasyon ng militar sa mga aktibista at institusyong nagtataguyod sa karapatang pantao. Permanente ang pagbabanta ng mga sundalo laban sa Katungod-SB sa pamamagitan ng kanilang programa sa radyo sa istasyong DYMS sa Catbalogan. Ang dating pangkalahatang kalihim ng Katungod-SB na si Atty. Kathrina Castillo ay nakatanggap ng mga banta o death threats sa pamamagitan ng koreyo nitong nakaraang taon.

Hindi na bago sa rehiyon ang masaker. Ang 19th Infantry Battalion (19th IB) sa Leyte ay tinagurian nang “Massacre Battalion” dahil sa sunud-sunod na mga kaso ng pamamaslang. Ikalawa na sa Kananga, Leyte ang kontrobersyal na kaso ng pagkamatay ng tanyag na botanistang si Leonard Co at ng kanyang istap, na naganap umano dahil sa isang engkwentro sa pagitan ng NPA at 19th IB nitong Nobyembre 2010. Ngunit gaya nina Co, malinaw na biktima ng sadyang pagpapaputok ng mga sundalo ang siyam pa na namatay sa Kananga noong 2003 – dangan lamang sila’y karaniwang mga magsasaka kung kaya’t hindi nabigyan ng sapat na atensyon mula sa midya. Noong 2005, siyam na magsasaka muli, kabilang ang isang buntis, ang namatay nang mag-istraping ang mga sundalo habang sila’y nagsasagawa ng “tiklos” (bayanihan sa pagtatanim) sa Barangay San Agustin, Palo, Leyte. Ang mga magsasakang nakaligtas mula sa malagim na masaker ay inaresto, at sinampahan ng gawa-gawang kasong kriminal upang mapigilan ang kanilang pagtetestigo.

Nagaganap din ang katulad na ilegal na pag-aresto sa mga pinaghihinalaang kasapi o tagasuporta ng New People’s Army (NPA). Kabilang dito ang kaso ni Dario Tomada, lider ng Samahan han Gudti nga Parag-uma ha Sinirangan Bisayas (SAGUPA-SB), ang alyansa ng militanteng magsasaka sa rehiyon. Si Tomada ay nakaligtas sa tangkang pamamaslang sa kanya noong 2005, at nagpasyang lumayo muna sa militarisadong rehiyon para sa kanyang seguridad. Inaresto si Tomado nitong Hulyo 2010 sa Binan, Laguna at sinampahan ng 15 bilang sa kasong pagpatay kaugnay ng umano’y “mass grave” na nadiskubre sa Inopacan, Leyte. Mayroon pang mga kaso ng mga magsasaka na di-naiuulat ang pagkakakulong, may mga sibilyan na diumano’y nag-“surrender” at hinahawakan ng militar nang labag sa kanilang kalooban, at iba pang di-dokumentadong kaso.

Dahil sa aking ilegal na pagkaka-aresto at detensyon, umabot na ngayon sa 16 ang bilang ng mga detenidong pulitikal sa Silangang Kabisayaan. Gayunman, ang ganitong klase ng pang-aabuso – at higit pa – ay hindi na bago para sa mga magsasaka ng Barangay Bay-ang.

Nasaan ang Bay-ang?

Nakasanayan na ng mga magsasaka ang atrasadong sistema ng transportasyon sa isla ng Samar. Sa mga “tabo” (lokal na palengke) at sa mga okasyong gaya ng “patron” (pyesta), karaniwan nang paninda ang pinakamaaasahan at pinakabatayang pangangailangan ng mga magsasaka para sa kanilang mobilidad – ang bota. Kung ni walang maayos na kalsada patungo sa mga interyor na munisipalidad na gaya ng Matuguinao at San Jose de Buan, paano pa kaya ang patungo sa mga liblib na baryo sa iba’t ibang bayan?

Ang Barangay Bay-ang ay isa sa mga pinaka-interyor na baryo sa bayan ng San Jorge, Samar. Matatagpuan ito sa tri-bawndari ng mga bulubunduking bayan ng San Jorge, Motiong, at San Jose de Buan. Bagamat interyor, ang Bay-ang ay nagsisilbing imbudo ng mga “kalapit” na baryo (sapagkat sa aktwal ay ilan pang kilometro ang distansya) para sa kanilang transportasyon patungo sa Maharlika Highway at poblasyon ng San Jorge. Nagagawa ito sa pamamagitan ng lokal na daungan at mga “baloto” (bangka) na nagbabyahe sa ilog.

Noong panahon ng Digmaang Pilipino-Amerikano ay isinumpa ni Hen. Jacob Smith na gagawing isang “howling wilderness” ang buong isla ng Samar. Sino ang mag-aakala na ang ganitong karimarimarim na banta ay maaari pang maranasan sa kasalukuyang panahon, at sa aktwal ay sinapit ng Barangay Bay-ang at ng iba pang interyor na baryo sa Samar?

Mula sa taong 2005 hanggang 2007 ay tinaguriang “no man’s land” ang Bay-ang. Sapilitang lumikas ang mga residente bunga ng matinding militarisasyon at malawakang abusong militar. Maraming kabahayan ang sinunog at maging ang kapilya ng barangay ay hindi iniligtas. Kahit ang rebulto ng patron ng baryo na nakatanghod lamang habang nagaganap ang mga abuso, ay nilapastangan at pinasabog ng mga sundalo.

Gaya ng naganap sa buong bansa sa panahon ng OBL, walang pinipiling biktima ang abusong militar – target nito kahit mga kilalang taong-simbahan, mamamahayag, duktor, propesor o abugado. Kaya’t sa kalagayang liblib ang kanilang mga tirahan at maaaring limitado pa ang kaalaman sa mga batas at sa kanilang mga karapatan, ilambeses pa ang bangis ng intimidasyong sinasapo ng karaniwang magsasaka sa kamay ng mga sundalo.

Noong Agosto 8, 2005, ipinatawag ng mga sundalo mula sa 34th IB sina Arcadio Gabani, kapitan ng Barangay Bay-ang, at si Artemio Gabin, isang barangay tanod. Dinala sila sa barangay hall ng Purok 2 sa poblasyon ng San Jorge at doon ay tinortyur.

Makalipas ang ilang araw, noong Agosto 12, nakasalubong ng mga magsasakang sina Rodolfo Lukaban at Lodilo Gabiana ang mga nag-ooperasyong tropa mula sa 34th IB na umano’y naghahanap ng mga kampo ng NPA. Sapilitan silang iginiya sa operasyon at makailang ulit na binugbog habang nasa ruta patungo sa pinagsususpetsahang mga kampo. Sa isang lugar naman ay naabutan nilang nag-iigib si Artemio Ellantos. Binugbog siya nang hindi niya masagot agad ang mga tanong ng mga sundalo. Isang menor de edad, si Eyet Dacanay, 16 anyos, ang hinablot ng mga sundalo mula sa umpukan ng mga tao at binugbog sa isang bahay. Sapilitan ding iginiya si Dacanay sa operasyon.

Mas malupit ang sinapit ni Paquito Badiola, 35 anyos, at residente din ng Bay-ang. Noong araw ding iyon ay sinalbeyds siya ng isang hiwalay na grupo ng mga sundalo na nakasalubong niya sa magubgob na bahagi ng Barangay Mobo-ob.

Halos isang linggo lamang ang saklaw ng nasabing operasyong militar ngunit napakaraming biktima. Isa pang tampok ay naganap kay Nonita Gabina, nang hambalusin ng mga sundalo ang kanyang ulo sa hagdanan habang siya’y iniimbestigahan. Sapilitan siyang pinapirma sa isang kasulatan na nagsasaad na siya’y “sumurender” sa mga sundalo. Ilang araw matapos ang insidente, sinunog ng mga sundalo ang kanilang kubo sa bukid.

Tserman ng Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) sa Bay-ang si Nonito “Ronie” Llantos, 18 anyos, nang siya’y tinortyur at sapilitang pinatayo mula sa pagkakaratay sa sakit. Ang kanyang ari ay kinulata ng mga sundalo. Naging biktima rin ang kanyang nakababatang kapatid na si Salvador, 13 anyos. Binugbog siya ng mga sundalo habang pinoprotektahan niya ang may-sakit na si Ronie.

Agosto 17 nang mapilitang magbakwit ang mga residente ng Bay-ang sa lumang gusali ng Samar National Agricultural School (SNAS) sa Barangay Matalod, San Jorge. Makalipas lamang ang tatlong buwan, eskandalosong pinagkakatok ng mga sundalo ang gusali ng SNAS sa kalaliman ng gabi. Muling nabulabog at nangamba ang mga bakwit.

Bay-ang matapos ang “panahon ni Palparan”

Dalawang taon bago nabalikan ng mga residente ang Bay-ang. Pero kalagitnaan hanggang katapusan ng taong 2008 ay muling naitala ang mas mabangis na abuso mula sa mga sundalo.

Katapusan ng buwan ng Hulyo 2008 nang ensirkuluhan ang baryo ng isang platun mula sa 46th IB. Mula alas-6 ng gabi hanggang alas-5 ng umaga ng sumunod na araw ay tuluy-tuloy na nagpaputok at nang-istraping ang mga sundalo puntirya ang kapilya ng barangay, ilang mga bahay at maging ang mga magsasaka na nagsipagtakbuhan. Maliban sa pang-iistraping, animong pag-hostage ang ginawa ng mga sundalo sa isang pamilya na kinulong sa isang bahay nang walang pagkain at walag tulog. Naitala din ang pagnanakaw at paninira ng mga pananim ng mga magsasaka.

Setyembre 5 nang madatnan ng mga sundalo sa bukid si Ombie Labong, 42 anyos. Kasama ng mga opisyal sa kanilang barangay ay isiniwalat niya sa isang istasyon ng radyo sa Tacloban ang ginawang abuso sa kanya ng mga sundalo noong araw na iyon. Piniringan siya, binugbog at binantaang papatayin kung hindi siya magsusumbong ukol sa presensya ng NPA sa kanilang lugar.

Nakaligtas mula sa tortyur si Ronie Llantos noong “panahon ni Palparan,” ngunit mas malagim ang kanyang sinapit makalipas ang tatlong taon. Tanghaling tapat ng Setyembre 13, 2008 nang mag-istraping ang tropa ng 20th IB sa kubo sa bukid na tinitigilan niya at ng kanyang kapatid na si JR Llantos, 12 anyos, at pinsan na si Barton, 13 anyos. Namatay si Ronie.

Animong hindi pa sapat sa mga sundalo ang gayon lamang kasimple na paglapastangan. Sinunog ng mga sundalo ang bangkay ni Ronie kasama ang mga tabla ng kubo upang magsilbing palatandaan sa paglanding ng kanilang helikopter. Di-mabilang na pinsala ang idinulot ng nag-operasyong tropa ng 20th IB mula sa paninira ng pananim, pagnanakaw, at panununog ng mga bahay nina Inocito Gabane, Federico Lazarra, at ng dating SK Tserman na sinunog ng mga sundalo kasama ng kanyang bangkay.

Sa mga eksenang tila hiniram lamang sa mga pelikula ukol sa giyera sa Vietnam – mula sa Setyembre 16 hanggang 18, 2008 ay umabot naman sa 33 bomba ang aktwal na hinulog at pinasabog sa apat na beses na pambobomba ng tatlong pandigmang eroplano sa saklaw ng Barangay Bay-ang, sa San Jorge; Sityo Galutan, Barangay Canaponte, Barangay Hagbay at Barangay San Nicolas sa San Jose de Buan. Ang malalakas na pagsabog ay nagdulot ng pagyanig ng lupa, at malubhang pinsala sa pananim at kabuhayan ng daan-daang magsasaka sa nasabing mga baryo. Muli ay napilitang magbakwit ang mga residente. Sa pagkakataong iyon, lumikas ang mga taga-Bay-ang sa poblasyon ng San Jorge.

Muli nang nakabalik sa Bay-ang ang mga magsasaka. Nananatili sa ilang lugar ang malalalim na uka sa lupa na tinamaan ng mga bomba.

Patuloy na militarisasyon sa rehiyon

Nabalitaan ko na nitong nakaraang Marso 10-15, 2011 ay matagumpay na inilunsad ang “Tabang Samar,” isang relief at fact-finding mission (FFM) sa bayan ng Matuguinao, Samar na pinangunahan ng Katungod-SB at iba pang rehiyunal na organisasyon. Ang mga FFM na tulad nito ang nakapagdokumento ng mga kaso na gaya ng sa Bay-ang, at sa iba pang mga barangay na nahaharap sa abusong militar.

Ilan sa mga lumahok sa FFM ay aktwal na nakadalaw sa akin sa piitan. Nagpapasalamat ako sa Katungod-SB para sa muling pagbibigay sa akin ng mga datos at kopya ng mga naunang testimonya ng mga biktima ng abusong militar sa rehiyon. Gayunpaman, ang bunga ng aking personal na pakikipag-usap sa mga magsasaka sa Bay-ang at sa iba pang mga barangay ay hawak na ngayon ng 34th Infantry Battalion na siyang nagsagawa ng ilegal na pag-aresto sa akin. Hindi baril o granada ang nakuha nila mula sa akin, kundi ang akin lamang mga personal na gamit, kabilang na ang aking kompyuter o laptop na siya nilang pinaghinalaan nang husto.

Sa Matuguinao, lumilipad ang mga helikopter ng militar at walang habas na naglalanding sa mga pananim ng mga magsasaka. Balita itong nagaganap ngayon – kahit tapos na ang mabangis na OBL. Balita ito na sa wari ng iba ay inawit lamang noon para sa Silvino Lobos at Las Navas; pero sa kasalukuyan ay nagaganap pa rin sa San Jorge, sa Kananga, Lope de Vega, Albuera, Balangiga, Palo, at saan mang sulok ng rehiyon na nakararanas ng militarisasyon.

Maliban sa pagdedeploy ng dagdag na tropa sa dati nang militarisadong rehiyon, masigasig din ang kampanya sa rekrutment ng AFP at 8th ID. Sa nakaraang ilang buwan ay ipinahayag nito ang sunud-sunod na treyning sa mga bagong sundalo: 239 noong Oktubre, 333 nitong Nobyembre; habang nitong nakaraang Marso, 125 bagong sundalo ang nanumpa para sa treyning na magtatransporma umano sa kanila mula sa pagiging mga bata tungo sa pagiging “tunay na mga lalaki.” Wika ng mga tagapagsalita ng AFP, mga “bagong dugo” ito na maglilingkod sa sandatahang lakas; “bagong dugo” din na maisasabak sa malawakang operasyong militar na patuloy na ipinatutupad sa rehiyon.

Sa Samar, nadarama na ngayon ang pangakong pagbabago ng administrasyong Aquino. Nagbubuhos ng napakalaking pondo ang mga dayuhang institusyong gaya Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) para sa Pantawid ng Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) at para sa enggrandeng proyekto ng konstruksyon at pagpapaayos ng mga kalsada sa Samar. Madalas namin itong maging paksa sa pakikipagkwentuhan ko sa mga magsasaka sa mga baryo. Pero sa isang panayam, nakatitig lamang ang mga magsasaka sa kanilang putikang bota: “Diri man namon kinahanglan an karsada (Hindi namin kailangan ang kalsada),” anila. “An hangyo namon, hustisya (Ang hinihiling namin ay katarungan.)”

Para kanino? Para ba kay Casiano Abing? Myembro ng Bayan Muna sa Balangiga, Este Samar: unang biktima ng pampulitikang pamamaslang sa rehiyon sa panahon ni Aquino.

Para ba kay Joselito “Itok” Tobe? Magsasakang nakaligtas at saksi sa masaker sa Palo: namatay nang dahil sa sakit sa loob ng kulungan, ilang linggo bago napalaya ang iba pa niyang kasamahan.

Para rin ba sa kanilang mga magsasaka na laging sinasalanta ng sakuna na mas matindi pa sa baha at pagguho ng lupa? Nang ako’y arestuhin, nakita ko mismo kung paano sila namutla at napaluha nang maramdamang wala na silang magagawa kundi ang iwan na lamang ako sa mga sundalo.

Maitatanong pa ba kung ano ginagawa ng isang makata at manunulat sa isang kasuluk-sulukang baryo na gaya ng Bay-ang? Marahil, ang dapat na nating itanong sa ngayon ay kung bakit mailap, at ni hindi yata nakakadalaw sa mga lugar na tulad nito ang pinakahihintay na bisita na ang pangalan ay Hustisya.

Name:  Miguel B. Mendoza
Address:  Flat 4, Bldg. #732, Rd. 761, East Riffa 00973, Kingdom of Bahrain
Date:  Dec. 22, 2010

Dear Mr. Doroquez,

Ma-upay nga oras ha imo.

Last December 4, I had a tear-laced meeting with your wife, Mana Prosy, a very close Catorce cousin, during the celebration of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Guiuananons in Daly City. I likewise met your son. In the "fill-in-the-blanks" that ensued, I mentioned to her my job at the Bahrain National Guard, a blog about anything related to Guiuan, and dabbling in some poetry, short stories and historical essays. She, in turn, told me about you and your blog. I have just gone through two of your pieces: "The Battle of Catubig" and "The Celebration." And I am impressed!

By the way, I am presently here in Texas for a month-long vacation. I believe this is enough to start with. Hopefully you'd get in touch.

You may just call me,

(Miguel Catorce Balboa Daiz Mendoza)

Name:  Catherine Lambino Fabian
Address:  Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines
Date: 12-22-10

Mabuhay an mga tga Catubig pati an mga tga Manering! =)

Name:  Fred Villarante
Address:  Filtration Rd., Olongapo City 2200, Zambales
Date:  October 23, 2010

Gusto ko lang magbigay ng standpoint, tungkol sa developer na mag tatayo ng housing subdivition, sa Pinabacdao,gusto ko lang sabihin na isa nitong pagkakataun, na may mga capitalista na mamumuhunan sa ating bayan, at magkaroon naman ng maayos na bahay't umunlad ang ating bayan d'yan sa Pinabacdao, at hindi nalang mga kubo ang makikita natin sa tuwing dadaan tayo patungong Tacloban, panahon na para umunlad naman ang ating bayan, Kaya nga lang 'wag naman natin itayo duon sa mga sakahan na pinaghahanapbuhayan ng ating mga magsasaka, dito sa Olongapo, napakaraming Sub-division, subalit duon nila itnatayo sa mga lugar na hindi na matatniman o kaya sa mnga bundok na pinapatag, sa usaping ito,kailangan lang na humanap ng lugar ang developer, na hindi naman masasaktan ang mga magsasaka, pero isa itong magandang proyekto d'yan sa Pinabacdao Samar.

Name:  PARAG-UMA Pinabacdao
Date: 08/18/2010

Usa la kami nga mga parag-uma, kun diin dinhi la nabubuhi.

Kay ano nga it amun mga urumhanan karuyag panguhaun? kay may HOUSING PROJECT daw!! May mga personal dinhi nga mga interest, kay maaram man kita nga tanan nga it atun BUNGTO diri sugad hitu ka daku nga angay na magbutang hin mga housing. Usa pa dinhi diri puwedi pan himuun nga mga SUBDIVISION it mga kahagnaan kay nagkukuri na ngani kita hit BUGAS, ngan may BATAS nga gin didiri ini. An kaso kay mga parag uma manla kami salit gintatalumpigus la. kay waray daw ibarayd hit abogado hin magkaso salit gin sampahan kami. Pag Antos pag Pobrihanun manla!!!!

Maabot gihap it panahon nga makakatapat kamo hin may mga salapi ngan diri niyo matatalumpigos sugad hit iyo gin buhat ha amun nga mga parag uma.

Makaarawod gad hinduro kay masiring pa nga "may ibarayad kaba hit ABOGADO?" natapud gad nga ura ura kay Gin gagamit it BUDGET hit MUNISIPYO pag pinanbayad hit ABOGADO nga ira gingagamit ha amun. Kami nga mga PARAG-UMA mag aantos hit pangutang para la makakuha hin ABOGADO nga ma dipinsa hit amun mga KAUMHANAN.

Unta it ira gin giginasto hit mga ABOGADO it himu nala hin mga PROYEKTO mas maupay pa, kaysa pag pinan gulo hit mga tawo.

Name:  Yumi
Address:  Sampaloc 1, Pala pala, Dasmarinas, Cavite
Date:  8-1-10

Uzta sa lahat ng mga friends q jan sa Catarman lalo n ung mga dating ksamahan q jan sa remish batch 2007 to 2009. Asan n kau ngaun jan p b kau? daddy rusty kmuzta n? n mimingaw n gud aq saiyo duon.sana mag kita kita p tau katulad ng dati. At kay mr. alvin kmuzta din sau at asan k n ngaun? lam u n kung sino k. Dati kng konsehal sa Catubig pramdam k nmn jan kung buhay ka pa. hehehe! (joke lng) hinahanap q email mo ndi q mkita.

Name:  Banni Paul C. Alli, Jr
Address:  277 San Francisco St., Catbalogan City, Samar
Date:  Feb. 12, 2010

Dear Readers:

I am urging independent minded members and readers of Gugma Han Samar to sponsor or co-sponsor a public debate on the major issues affecting the island of Samar. There should be a panel of speakers from the candidates running for Congress and Governor as well as interpellators from the well-known members of civil society of Samar. In this way, the people of Samar will know exactly whom they will vote for.

Name:  Isidoro Fererras
Address:  Grefiel Street, Marabut, Samar
Date: February 10, 2010

Abogado at dating HUMAN RIGHT lawyer ang aming butihing Mayor ngayon, marami daw syang accomplishments na ipinagmamalaki sa lahat ng mga Marabutnon.pero wala naman palang dapat ipagmalaki. FANS po ang mayor namin ni PACMAN. Sa katotohanan ay magaling pong mangbugbog. Year 2007 ng bugbogin nya si Bobet Rayrao sa isang sayawan non sa Bgy. Fererras, ngayong 2010 ay naulit ulit ang pambubogbog na ito ng bugbogin nya ang pamangkin ni V-Mayor Edwin T. Labado.

Mayor VAL A. ORTILLO ganyan ba ang natotonan mo sa pagiging HUMAN RIGHT lawyer mo? Mahiya ka naman malapit na ang eleksyon baka ikainis ka ng taong bayan! Sana mabasa mo ang munting tinig na ito na sumisigaw sa ilang!

Name:  Delia Mongoc Acoba
Address:  Sandymount Ave., Dublin 4, Ireland, Europe
Date:  29-12-2009

Hi, I am looking for my long long friends, Donna and Agnes Villanueva from airport village Catarman. Sana po me makapagbigay sa kanila ng inpormasyon. Dating pulis ang kanilang tatay. Kasamahan ko po sila dati sa banda. Fantasia band. Salamat po!

Name:  Liwayway Sumang-Lipata
Address:  62 Romana Ext., Blk3 Magsaysay Village, Tondo, Manila
Date: 10-19-2009

Magandang umaga o magandang gabi sa inyong lahat na taga Samar...ako po si Gng Liwayway S. Lipata na taga rito sa Tondo Manila. Humihingi po ako sa inyo ng tulong na sana po ay MAKITA NAMIN ANG AKING FATHER- IN-LAW BUHAY MAN O PATAY na matagal ng hindi nakikita ng aking asawa na si JESSIE M. LIPATA na ngayon po ay 46 years old na.Ang pangalan po ng tatay nya ay PEDRITO GALVAN-LIPATA anak ni EULALIA LIPATA at ALFREDO GALVAN. Iniwanan nya ang kanyang mga anak dito noong 1967 sa lugar ng Taguig.

Kung sino po ang nakakakilala sa aking byenan ay mangyari po lamang na ipagbigay alam po nyo sa amin. Sabik na pong makita ng aking asawa ang kanyang tatay. Salamat po.

Name:   Wendy
Address:  Unit F, Floor 15, World Plaza, Shanghai, China
Date:  15/10/2009

Haicong----Professionally Handling Hongkong Investment Immigration

Advantages of Hongkong Investment Immigration:

You could enjoy nine-year free education, including six-year primary education and three-year middle school education. There are totally 11 high schools and among them are seven universities. Certificates from these schools are approved all over the world. It is a good chance for your kids.

Hongkong social protection system is mainly consist of social protection aid planning and social fringe benefit planning. You will have a sound life in Hongkong.

It is our honor and responsibility to serve you. Welcome to our company!

Telephone: 021-58369667 (wendy )
Address: Unit F, Floor 15, World Plaza, No.855, South Pudong Road, Shanghai, China

Name:   Maribel Galang Reyes
Address:   Joseph St., Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1z3, Canada
Date:  Sept. 17, 2009

I'm looking for my long lost relatives in Villareal Samar specially Jose N. Galang. If you know him or his relatives please let me know at my email. Thank you so much hope you can help me.

Name:  G. Obregon
Address:   Villareal, Samar
Date:  August 22, 2009

Hallo po ha iyo ngatanan dinhi.. mga taga Villahanon....

Parang kadamo han absent dinhi.. hehehehehe im talking about absent minded.. hahahaha.. anyway first time kong na stumble sa site na ito kaya yana la ako nag comment. Just so let you know nag enjoy ako han akon pag bakasyon ha Canada…nag papasalamat ako han amon gin ukyan hira auntie Nora ngan iya pamilya. The best vacation ever parati pag nsa Canada kami…yon palang nakilala ko si sister Lurence Dalwatan na galing ng California at nag punta rin ng Canada.

Enjoy gud man liwat…sana nasa Canada ako this Sept kasi meron didto patron kanda auntie Nora Colles balay marighum gud hin ura ura... nag enjoy din ako sa mga nakilala ko sa party na mostly mga taga Catbalogan daw... pero hahaaha nahingalimotan ko nga tanan ang mga ngaran nira pwera la an Reyes family nga Apo ni Nay Lulay pero nakalimutan ko pa rin ang name niya.. bwahahaha.. hhmmmmmmm meron ba kayo nito short term memory? Dati slight lang tapos naging short term…naku sana wag naman maging long term..hahahaa...

Uy fiesta na ha Villa last nga linakat ha Villa was in the 73 tapos binalik la ako han 81 for two weeks after that till now hindi na ako nakabalik pa kon ano na ang itsura ng Villa nowadays…pero aram ko ang mga isda aadto pa gadla gihapon hit may pantalan.. oh diba? Salamat hini nga site… surat la kamo kay di man kita mauubsan na hin lapis, ballpen ngan papel…kay amo ngani nga always sharpen your mind kono basi diri maubusan hin storya. Anyway this for now…aywa kamo hin pasaway kay waray dinhi mag timangno ha iyo.

Name:  Luna Ranera Caringal
Address:  3 Bettina Alley Paradise Comp., Angeles City 2009, Pampanga
Date:   August 5, 2oo9

I have read your blog last July and so excited that i have found may cousin when i am searching for a relative of my mom's side, i am the eldest daughter of Pascuala Ranera if you can still remember and now with my family here in Pampanga. My brother Pablo Jr is based in Canada. I'm hoping to hear from you soon. Good day to you and the family. thank you

Name:   Engr. Romualdo D. Saises
Address:   La Purisima St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Date:  June 2,2009


Barangay San Miguel, one of the remote barangay of Las Navas will soon to have a high school this June 2009. This is by making its elementary be converted to an integrated school. This is the result of the initiative by Engr. Romualdo D. Saises when he visited the barangay during their closing exercise last March 23, 2009 as their speaker. The documentary requirement was facilitated and a lot of support are coming. Governor Daza will provide para teachers, Board Member Lucero flooring, Board Member Layon, walling, Mayor Arltio Tan, the roofig material, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers (PICE) Northern Samar Chapter, Blackboards and Chalk. The labor is the Bayanihan approach of the people of Barangay San Miguel. At present, there are 95 first year students are enrolled and 20 for second year. More students are coming to the place. 5 barangay from Las Navas namely Perez, San Francisco, Kirino, Perez, San Miguel and 3 from Catubig, Inagunuyan, Osang and Nagookan.

By June 10, 2009 an inspector from DepEd Division of Northern Samar will inspect the ongoning construction of the building and ultimately the start of the class by June 15, 2009. The barangay of San Miguel is being lead by Barangay Captain Tiburcio Lebico and its council. The project is being coordinated by Mr. Crisologo Rompe, Mr. Tony Formaran, Elmer Rompe and Rizalex Llave. Its counter from Mrs. Perl Tan, OIC District supervisor is now processing applicants for teacher. Realization of the High School Dream is soon to beccame a reality.

Name:  Romualdo D. Saises
Address:  La Purisima St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Date: April 1, 2009

Las Navas a new Tourism Destination.

1. Pinipsakan Falls
2. Lasnavasnon Cave at Km.3
3. Lasnavasnon Hanging Bridge at Km. 3
4. Rafting
5. Bird Wathcing
6. Dam site Construction
7. Las Navas River rides

For information contact Engr. Romualdo D. Saises of SAISEROBI HOMETEL cell. 09161059005 or 09217350724 or visit Lasnavasnon group

Name:  Jaime E. Arcebuche
Address: 1Deer Hollow Rd., Forestdale, Massachusetts 02644, United States
Date:  March 7, 2009

I had an earlier rejoinder on the issue of giving my ten cents worth of opinion on matters affecting our province and the entire country.

My observations was premised on much of the commentaries I get to see from some of our more passionate patriots who appears to be affected by the endless travails of our countrymen - the un-ending tales of corruption, of abuses, power brokers, etc. -ad infinitum, ad nauseam!!!

Much of them have expressed their consternations in no undertain terms (kawatanes, grifters,) and with vituperative elan, lambasts them to kingdom come!!!!!!

I opined that while it was one great public exercise in lettiung some steam off the wearied writers, it served little purpose, mainly because the powers that be had been inured to insults, court cases, innuendoes and even public humiliations. "ika nga sa tagalog, Makapal na ang balat".

Now, I cannot in fairness, just go around making my mea culpas without coming up with concrete alternatives. My take on those negative commentaries is that it becomes counter-productive, most especially when those epithets and shiboleths are hurled against incumbents whose terms are about to expire. They'll just continue to make hay while still in power or at least near the power brokers.

My suggestions to my fellow kababayans is for us to come up with a more acceptable form of helping police our government administrators while at the same not being unduly insulting, impolite and downright sarcastic.

My suggestion was for us to help define the issues clearly and the solutions practical and participative.

Okay, sans verbose trumpets, this is my take!

1. First, to be respected, let us also be respectful. I mean level the proverbial playing field by not going to personalities & limit our rantings to understandable issues.

2. Whenever possible, let's not point accusing fingers to individuals when the 'problem/s' are community-related.

3. Let us involve the rest of the community and not attempt to 'hug the limelight' which often beclouds the real issues.

4. Make concrete proposals and back it up with achievable targets. In involving the community, I suggest a more expanded version of the BARANGAY CONCEPT-that is a VILLAGE, COMMUNITY, CITY AND PROVINCIAL COUNSELS representing the political, religious, civic, business, social, military, academic, the professions (legal, medical, accounting, education, police, farmers, fishermen, etc) and other segments in the community who may have a stake in its governance. Now, this could seem unwieldy with 'too many cooks', but I have faith in the ability of those representing those various interests to elect from among themselves, their governing officers and the rest to head or participate in committees. Any grouping with appropriate numerical strength could apply for membership - ideally with a roster as reference. The composition of the COUNCIL must be published or given wide distribution or at least be on the community's Bulletin Board.

5. How should this group be funded? Any organisation worth participating in should be given public or if need be, private financial support. There are a number of ways:

a). Each Representative group should contribute voluntarily according to its means (familiar socialist refrain?).

b. Those well-meaning OFW (overseas workers) - whenever they send a certain financial assistance to relatives and friends, at least FIVE PERCENT (5%) should be allocated to the local community council.

c). A government participatory GRANT, if need be, through a Bill in Congress, (ideally through local tax/toll impositions) should be enacted for the local council's expenses.

6. THE COUNCIL can also act as a SOUNDING BOARD for possible local project priorities. It could also be a WATCHDOG for government-funded projects. (Notice how this can minimise corruption and influence-related graft).

THE COUNCIL'S ACTIVITIES, RECOMMENDATIONS AND FINDINGS (MAYBE PROGRESS REPORTS OF LOCAL PROJECTS, ETC) MUST BE published in the BULLETIN BOARD. Foreign contributors (remember the 5%?) may be furnished a copy to keep them updated (and also to keep them interested in sending their FIVE PERCENT (5%) contributions, heh! heh!


Our politicians will continue to find means to remain in power -that is by spending and earning some more and also giving largesse and preferential treatment to their minions.

NOW THERE MAY BE OTHER OPTIONS and I wish, the rest of you out there can put n their Five Cents worth of ideas too!

Name:   Romualdo D. Saises
Address:   La Purisima St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Date:   February 28, 2009


Director Twano sends a bridge engineer and a structural engineer last February 3, 2009 to conduct assesment for the KM.3 bridge at Bgy.San Isidro to pave for the link to Las-Navas san Jose de Buan Road.

By March 3, 2009 a pre construction activity for the construction of Bgy. Dapdap-Bgy.San Isidro Transmissin Line. The Municipality Las Navas and the provncial government of Northern Samar is now preparing an action plans for the Feasibility Study of Las Navas Hydro Power and alternative for the proposed 69KV transmission Line. The Department of submitted already its report for the proposed project.

Name:  Engr. Romualdo D. Saises
Address: La Purisima St cor. Jaramilla St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Date:  September 21, 2008

To fellow Samarnons, particularly the Municipality of San Jose De Buan.

I have a plan to organized a protest walk from Las Navas to San Jose de Buan over the deferrment of the two proposal:

1. Las Navas-San Jose De Buan-Wright Road Project: This project was deferred by the RDC thru its Chair Mel Sarmiento for in favor to the Gandara-Matuguinao-Las Navas-Jipapad-Arteche Road. Its obvious that he is protecting Calbayog.

2. Wright-San Jose De Buan-Las Navas 69 KV Transmission Line. The reason that there is no road for the easy operation and maintenance for Transco. If he could only visit Las Navas and San Jose De Buan. He might reconsider the project.

Samar Island as compared to Leyte in terms of development we are much behind. The reasons is that our leaders are ashame to sell Samar to the President. To each his own. Borongan Airport is now operational. Mr. Sarmiento was not even invited by the People of Eastern Samar. The reason I’m sure that he objected the Cityhood of Borongan and Catbalogan.

I was at San Jose De Buan and consulted the people over the road project. But I was dismayed by the action of RDC to turn it down by a Samareño Mr. Mel Sarmiento. The Municipality of Las Navas was connected to the National Road System only after 59 years after its creation. Take your time Feasibility Study pala ang hinihingi.

Join the protest march this coming November 16, 2008. Starting point at Bgy. San Isidro Las Navas to San Jose De Buan.

Name:  Maria Wetzel
Address:   Lawaan, Eastern Samar
Date:  20 Sept.08

Pamatron kamo ha amon, May 7-8 harane la kami hit Basey ngan Marabut. Damo it amon mga Beach nga magupay sunod sunod poro beach resort to Borongan. Just to name a few, Jasmin beach, Monbon island and kanusod, Calicuan, pasyada kamo and Unisex Canteen ligid hit singbahan ha Lawaan. See you there.

Name:   Engr. Romualdo D. Saises
Address:  La Purisima St. Cor. Jaramilla St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Date:  September 20, 2008

To my friends in the Municipality of San Jose De Buan

The project that I have presented to the PDC and RDC was deferred a fellow Samareño RDC chair and City Mayor Mel Senen Sarmiento.

1. Construction of Las Navas-San Jose de Buan-Wright road project was deferred in favor to Gandara-Matuguinao-Las Navas-Jipapad-Arteche road a road network long before and missing road in the map. Mayor Sarmiento does not like the project because the Nortehanon will no longer pass Calbayog City if this road would be realized. Imagine the request for the proposal was an endorsement to DPWH for the preparation of Feasibility study pala. Binasura na niya. He is a not a true Samareño. I am calling Samar engineers to assist me in the prepararation of the F.S.

2. Wright-San jose de Buan-Las Navas 69kv transmission line was also deferred because of the road network that he is asking. Transmission can be constructed without even a road. Even San Jose have a very poor power quality. He must visit San Juan de Buan and explain it to them why????

Samar development dies at the hands of our leader. San Jose de Buan is at the Heart of Samar island. It suffered a heart attack. The doctor RDC chair failed to assist on time.

Name:  Cesar Torres
Date:  19 September 2008

Dear Baby Sarah,

Thank you for your graciousness in offering to make this website interesting and for you to contribute news from the Central Visayas. Ray Gaspay is the webmaster of this site. So he is in effect incharge of the site. But if you writing on news about Samar and Leyte, you can ask Ray to post them in Samar News. Not just here.

We do have more "cerebral" pieces. If you note in the list of articles. Perhaps you can do something similar. Pieces that will be of interest to your generation.

In the meantime, I added you to the UP Alumni in Cyberspace egroup and the Worldwide Filipino Alliance egroup. You write there ha? Take care. And you are impressived. Study hard. Don't get married soon. Easy to have a baby and get married, especially for someone like you. But hard to finish a degree or even a term paper. This is what I used to tell my students when I was still teaching in Diliman.

Please get in touch. My cell fone number is 510 334-7611. Puede hin text.

Name:  Jason Amantillo
Address:  Marabut, Samar 6721
Date:  September 19 2008

MARABUT SAMAR - An bungto han segundo distrito han samar nga hadto naging ka parte anay han Basey Samar. Naging bungto an Marabut hadton tuig 1949 bulan han July petsa 22. An Marabut igin sunod han apelyido han anay congressman Serafin Marabut nga taga Basey Samar. Hi Isidiro Mista Ferreras an pinaka syahan nga mayor han bungto han Marabut ngan hi Engracio Abayan Amantillo an iya naging pinaka syahan nga bise-mayor.

An Marabut usa nga nagtitika progresibo nga bungto durante han paningkamot hiton presente nga mayor yana Atty. Percival Adona Ortillo ngan han bise-mayor Edwin Tagadan Labado.

Ha pag sidlit han adlaw makikita naton an kahusay han kabaybayonan. Makikita pa nimo an isda ha ilarom han dagat nga naglalangoy-langoy dara han ka malinaw hiton tubig dagat. An pagka duong han mga manaragat nga in bisan waray dakop na smile la gihapon ha imo kon ikaw natapo. An mga Marabutnon simple la an pag-ukoy, maka tagay-tagay hin bahalina nga produkto han mga manaranggot ngan mag kilaw o magsugba hin isda nga dakop hin mamurokot maupay na an pamahong-pahong ni Juan labi kon may-ada guitar ngan baga kakantahan hin kundiman. Kaupay la pag-ukoy hin sugad hiton baga ka simple nga kinabuhi.

An mga taga Marabut pangisda ngan pag-uma an kasagaran nga mga pakabuhi. May-ada la siguro 8%-10% iton nan iimpleyo ha gobyerno. An mayor han marabut in nagpatoman han pan dakop han mga illegal fishing asya nga an mga gudti nga mangirisda nalilipay han pitad nga ginbuhat ni Atty. Val Ortillo kay na proprotektahan iton ira mga pakabuhi.

Iton mayor hiton Marabut in anay nakada ha Commission on Human Rights amo nga nakaka-intindi hiya hiton kinabuhi hiton mulopyohanon. Kami in nagpapasalamat ha imo mayor. Unta imo ipadayon iton pag-ugop ha amon. Ma protekhan la unta pirme iton amon interes, dire it interes hini nga mga dayo nga manaragat ngan manguruha hin kahoy ha aton mga guba.

Han tanan nga napasyada ngahi hini nga page ngan maka basa hini nga ak mensahe gin aagda kamo han Marabutnon ngadi ha amon bungto. An amon ngay-an fiesta in gin sasalin-urog ha kada Enero 14-15, unta maka pamatron kamo. Samalat.

Name:  Chickay
Address:  Currently in Cebu studying but hails from Catbalogan
Date:  September 7, 2008

To whom it may concern,

I am sophomore student in UP Cebu taking Mass Communication. I would like to ask how can I contribute to this cyber page? I want to cover events participated by Samarnons here in Cebu.

Your reply to this matter is very much appreciated. I posted my email add just so you can contact me.


Name:   Ha Homonhon
Address:   Philippines
Date:   august 24 2008

Ha Homonhon is a documentary film about how one man seeks justice to reclaim his land against a multinational mining firm after he discovers a "No Trespassing" sign on the land he and his family plows.

Homonhon Island is an island in the province of Eastern Samar, Philippines, on the south east side of Leyte Gulf.

Tata Ladying, a Homonhon native is a fisherman and a farmer who dares to ask the authorities on why a Chinese owned mining firm placed a "No Trespassing" sign on land that he tills and on the ground where he lives.

Daniel Canada

Directed by:
Cha Escala


Name:   Agustin De Asis
Address:  Catubig N. Samar, Philippines
Date:  August 7, 2008

New Mayor of Catubig

With much audacity and impartiality to defend a certain candidate whose personality and descent has been in question since the beginning of the recent election of 2007, yet she emerged as a winner of the current concluded mayoralty race for the Town of Catubig. Likewise she was given the foremost and fresh mandate to serve as an elected official of our town. We the people of Catubig should remember from the start of any election contests that this kind of political arena is composed of diversified stratagem and approaches. This is a product of our political and electoral system that has been neglected to confront the demand of a modernized electoral process. The facet and component of winning in an election does not pertain by counting solely the majority votes that a certain candidate had garnered. From the time a candidate has filed his candidacy, going to political campaign, and up to the counting of the last ballot will have to undergo a hectic, colossal and expensive venture of legal and procedural battle just to successfully obtain the victory in the offing.

The two opposing candidates for Mayor have expressed their desires and visions to our beloved town. They have exerted tremendous effort and spent millions of pesos in this flashy, extravagant and flamboyant distinction of being a person-in-command of a 4th Class Municipality. One over the other candidates have launched respective path and possibilities to earn and win the votes of majority. It varied from political campaigns to issues being disseminated by every candidate. And to include mostly, the feature and element of vote-buying – the most effective, viable conduit and means to reap the fruits of winning.

If we fully be Au Fait with the recent seesaw battle for senator between Koko Pimentel and Migz Zubiri then we could imagine that the two political stalwarts have valued the rule of law. This is a lucid, flagrant, and compelling example to be considered and conscientiously discerned by every Catubignon that the process of justice and law is in effect. One party had sought the relief and influence of our Highest Court in securing any legal option to avert any impending decision that has to be done for the proclamation. In the final analysis, Koko Pimentel had accepted the decision of the COMELEC. The many issues that were raised in this electoral dispute for senator considered as much weight to any controversial issues that happened in this May 2007 Local and National Elections.

It is imperative for the COMELEC to render a decision that was based on the merits and technicalities to comfort and follow the rule of law. It is abhorrent and repugnant for them, the Sole Authority which is the COMELEC, in delaying the proclamation of a legitimate and authentic winner for Mayor of our Town – Tina Vicencio. The proclamation has complied with the requirements and underwent the procedure in justifying that TINA VICENCIO had won the recent political contest. To further delay the proclamation would surely disenfranchise the People of Catubig. The COMELEC has acted on the basis of fairness, valid and plausible arguments to support the resolution for the proclamation.

We try to justify that the Opponent of Mayor Tina Vicencio has obtained the true majority votes of our people. By principle, are you certain that this candidate did not benefit the intervention of a so called “reactionary forces”? How about the results in those remote barangays that were instrumental in your claim that your candidate had won by over a margin of hundred and plus votes in over-all tally? What is unusual was the trend of results per barangay and those remote barangays, that you supposed to dignify, were questionable due to the number of votes for Mayor Tina Vicencio. Having over 10 or 12 votes on those questionable barangays would implicate doubtful, disparaging and unbelievable results for the fact, that almost all the barangays have manifested probable and achievable results of votes in favor to Mayor Tina Vicencio. Did the people on those barangays speak their true sentiments of who would be their Mayor? Do you believe that your candidate has acted and participated in the spirit of fairness and justice? Apparently, we set aside here that the two candidates performed the vote-buying gambit. We should realize that the two opposing parties have wielded their political machineries for the sake of winning.

Mayor Tina Vicencio has a favorable contention to merit the proclamation and her opponent lacks political opportunity by means of a flimsy and weak legal battle. If we continue not to accept the victory of Mayor Tina Vicencio and clamor for disunity and disappointments among others, it might heighten and provoke a hostile impression to many CATUBIGNONS.

Name:  Jason Amantillo
Address:  Marabut 6721, Samar
Date:  June 20 2008

Kumusta na an mga banggiitan nga mga pulitiko han Samar? Kan Gobernadora ngan kan Congresista? Nailiw na kami han mga panaaad nyo. An semento ngan mga proyekto nga unta ihahatag nyo. Embis nga semento ano nga monay man an am nakarawat? Da han ABC ELECTION pinanaaran niyo an mga kapitan nga tatagan hin proyekto kabalyo han botos para han gin iindorso nga kandidato.Takay kay nagdaug naman an iyo mga kandidato hain na man an iyo mga panaad.

Kami namimingaw hin duro. Nga bisan an iyo mga bayhon nga magtawa-tawa kon naatubang ha amon yana baga nalingiw na kon kita nagkakakirigta. Pero di ak naglalaum hin bulig tekang ha iyo kay maaram ako nga waray gud nam malalauman. Salamat han panguwat niyo ha amon.

Name:  Hermilo / Doming
Address:  Pinabacdao, Samar
Date:  June 14, 2008

To all peace loving Filipinos:

ni Doorknob n Doming
Siplati daw sangkay, sinirangan ug katundan
Kita nasesentro bukid ug kadagatan
Mayda kita guti patag nga tanuman
Nga at ginkukuhaan humay ta ha Lantangan
Kamurayaw Pinabacdao, hain na hain na
Kon puro politika sulod at panhunahuna
Inin Pinabacdao diri gud ma-ursa
Labi na kon ita kabataan tinututdu-an ta hin puro la buwa
Kamurayaw Pinabacdao, in makakab-ot ta
Kon at susubdon pamala-ud ha America
Waray gad istambay lalaki ug bata
Kon waray trabaho gintatagan nira ug ginbubuligan pa
Pagkit-i ta daw kada barangay politika
Nga ngaran mahugaw kaupay ngan diri na ansya
Inin kamurayaw harayo ha dagaw
Magburugto magsarangkay nag iinaraway
Kamurayaw nga hingyap in at matatagantaman
Kon it balaud ug disiplina in mahipapatuman
Ayaw gad paglabot kanan gobyerno kaban
Bangin la it im tudlo ka-utdan sugad ha Saudi ug Japan
Gutom nga gin-aanto aton malilikyan
Kon bakante nga tuna aton panamnan
Haluag nga guba aton panhawanan
Basi man matamnan lubi nga himorolsan
Ayaw gagad sangkay hin iru-estorya
Tsismis ha kulop tikang hit kaaga
Dida nagtitikang it araway manta
Tawo nga buwaon it trabaho intrigo intriga
Maupay pa sangkay kita hin bisan la ano
Kay it presyo hit bugas diri nahabubo
Kon waray ka tanum in makaluyaw ka sigurado
Imo kakadtu-an in pangawat han diri imo
Kamurayaw nga hingyap aton matatagamtaman
Kon kita magburublig trabaho nga human human
Di la kat estorya nga laway la an puhonan
Kon ano it problema aton aksyonan
Akon huhumanon inin siday nakon
Maupay nga oras igkasi ko Pinabacdaoanon
Tunay nga kamurayaw unta matagamtaman naton
Basi makab-ot naton maupay nga kabubuwason
Diri la para ha aton kundi hit tisunod nga henerasyon
Salamat, salamat ha iyo ngatanan
Bata man o kalagagsan labi na gud igkasi ko kaulitawhan
Ha mga bisita amon pagrespeto di gud hingangalimtan

(Ini nga siday in nagdaug 2nd Prize dida han ginbuhat pa la nga contest ha Pinabacdao, Samar, nga ginsurat ngan ginsiday ni Domingo Hermosura Sadullo han Brgy. Bangon, Pinabacdao, Samar, kanay panuyo an pag aghat han ngatanan nga bumulig para han Tinuod nga Kamurayaw...)

Name:  Burke Lloyd
Address:   Beverly Road, Nutley, NJ 07003, USA
Date:  05/05/2008

Re: Catubig N. Samar

CONGRATULATIONS to all Catubignon, last April 18, 2008 with the National Historical Institute personel in attendance the people of Catubig commemorated the Seige of Catubig in which american soldiers suffered their first humiliation in the hands of bolo weilding guerillas of Catubig.

Thanks to Professor Quintin Doroquez for his research on this historical event which led to the recognition of this big event in nations history. Also congratulations to Atty Mar de Asis from Catubig for being named the new president of the University of Eastern Philippines despite Gov. Daza's intention to have another political appointee to the non political position.

For your information Catubig is a great town with great history of political leaders in the past, Catubignon values education so much despite farming as their only source of livelihood this town produced the highest number of doctors and lawyers in the province and elected their mayor as such, highly educated. Noted political leaders are Atty. Tagaban, Atty. Luto, Engr. Tenedero, Dr. Tiburcio Hipe, Dr. Al Rebadulla, Dr. Hector Hipe, Dr. Thomas de Asis et al but now it has change, enter the money politics of the Vicencio clan and Raul Daza.

The previous mayor Ceasar Vicencio was sued by Raul Daza for falsification of his being a certified public accountant but alas last election they were together for convenience, Vicencio lost for congressman but his wife Tina won as mayor of Catubig again spending more than 20 million pesos (she won in the famous comelec count) despite losing in the actual tally in the municipal count.and Daza also won as governor (the famous election magician, he is so proud of it). So the leader now in Catubig claims to be a doctor (latest PRC inquiry showed she did not pass the board exam) is the niece of Gov. Daza who is from Brgy Cauayan, Catarman N. Samar not even a native Catubignon and maleducated who doesnt even attend to speaking engagement for fear of speeches.

What’s happening to our town Professor Doroquez? Are we that unfortunate? By the way the province of Northern Samar was just recently awarded the dubious distinction as "the poorest province of the Philippines" under the leadership of your good friend Gov. Raul A. Daza, and soon Catubig will become the poorest town of the Philippines under the leadership of corrupt and uneducated leader.

Burke Lloyd

Name:  Engr. Romualdo D. Saises
Address: La Purisima corner Jaramilla St., Las Navas 6420, Northern Samar
Date:  April 16, 2008

I am inquiring how can I send my activities for the proposed "Construction of Las Navas-San Jose De Buan-Wright Road Project". The proposal was already approved by the Provincial development Council of Northern Samar for consideration by the Regional Development Council last February 19, 2008.

The municipality of Las Navas is now connected to the National road and it is expected to be completed by September 8, 2008 under the DPWH road component of HCAAP. HCAAP is being chaired by Governor Raul A. Daza. This project was concepted by Engr. Romualdo D. Saises, Municipal Engineer of Las Navas.

If the road project be realized, will give the Nortehanon a shortest travel time to Tacloban City by 3 hours from Las Navas and this will help the needs for the people of San Jose De Buan. Travelling to this route will promote an Eco-tourism in the area. Every travelers can see the beautiful Mt. Huraw. Engr. Saises visited and consulted the People of San Jose De Buan already and they are happy about the proposed project.

Name:   Moh'd Nasser
Address:   Rome St, Ciudad Grande, Rosario, Pasig City
Date:   Feb 20, 2008

Good day!! Maopay to all Samareños particularly Catubignons!! I am not a waray but married to one Catubignon. I really pity you people when election comes, it’s not a matter of who's or where to put blames for the rape or bastardizing your right to suffrage. Just imagine people stay late at night before election day taking money from candidates just like fiesta.

Sino ngayon ang sisihin nyo kung walang maibigay na tamang serbisyo sa inyo ang nanalong kandidato dahil naibigay na sa inyo bago nyo sila ihalal? Sino ngayon ang hangal kayong mga botante o ang mga candidatong tintawag nyong mga corrupt at gahaman. It’s really about time na sa level pa lang ng elementary, we should educate our future voters!!!!

Name:  Teresita Reboso
Address:   2521 Rush St., Norfolk, Virginia 23513, USA
Date:  12/30/07

Maupay. Bag-o nga abot, tikang dida ha aton. Nag travel kami tikang ha Angeles City, patungo Leyte. Gin uli ko an akon pamelya, well, yong gustong umuwi ng Besaya. First time kong mag lakbay na kasama sila.

Alam ko ang lagay ng Samar. Nakapagtaka, and dami daming isda at prutas, pero mahirap ang mga tao. Maari nga dahil ang hirap ng daan, butas, butas ang kalsada.

Nababasa ko ang issue ng regionalism. Ambot kung may magagawa tayo sa regionalism, naturalmente yata ha tawo nga it aton , it para ha aton anay it aton gin u una, at diri gad ini pelegro nga pag iisip. Ang hindi kanais nais ay an mga namumuno. Ano ang ginagawa ng mga namumuno? Sino sila?

Mahalagang alamin natim ang binibigyan natin ng mga kapangyarihan.

Name:  Lomar De Asis Tan
Address: Unit 1812, 18th Flr, Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Date:  December 15, 2007

Mga Igkasi,

This is published on my friendster account prior to the Local & National Elections of 2004. The proposed organization which is the Catubig Young Professional Advocacy Group had came across to this kind of political dictum.


The very foundation of a strong government always depends on what kind of leadership and leaders that are running therein. The character of governance that is instituted will determine the quality of leadership that was maintained for the entire tenure by concerned public elected official. People of different political affiliations always expect their respected leaders to be the best person in handling whatever desired position they intend to. The question of running is not the focal point but ultimately the qualifications, integrity, competence and the commitment to be involved in public service.

The People of Catubig are greatly critical in the assessment of who shall become their preferred candidates and personalities. In retrospect, we always elect leaders of our town with impressive professional achievement and track record. We were predisposed on the hindsight of choosing a political leader with much greater value of affluence and social status, having a prominence and family stature of good descendants and origin. The total political package of a legitimate candidate that would surmount in our local election sometimes is eroded with the unscrupulous and crooked candidates whose system of political operation and campaign directly involve vote-buying mechanisms and fraud.

The People of Catubig produces an electorate of high standard and analytical individuals but the consequences of this occurrence does not simply reflect on the collective decision of the majority voters. We were good of prospecting candidates with solid political groundwork and viable programs of government and yet we never realized them by winning during elections. The problem of this political imbalance does not depend on the supposed-candidates and its political parties but the main choice and responsibilities of the entire electorate. Predominantly, we perceived to elect right leaders in our town at the onset of the political campaign but the outcome of the election seems not in consonance with the general sentiment of the majority.

This perennial political cataclysm will not be resolved in a matter of time because we do not have the initiative and vigor to curtail such rotten system. We must be bound to act now and be persistent in changing the quality of elections or political exercises. The practice of this traditional politics is still the existing pattern that is sustaining. Even the neophyte politicians who are advocating a political change by introducing the principle of “Politics by Performance” could not win the hearts and minds of the electorate. Civic and religious groups who organize political crusades in order to safeguard and sanctify our votes could not even further overcome this challenge. This is a hopeless and discouraging situations that lies ahead for the incoming generations and future leaders. However, we must start to discern and be able to fight for this political battle.

What are the specific circumstances that should be addressed in these political drawbacks? Foremost, if we recall way back from previous elections, prior and during the Martial Law and Marcos Era, the element of vote-buying scheme did not profusely existed and widely practiced. Political aspirants and candidates were elected based on their credentials and proven competence to lead and govern. However, we have witnessed during the 1980 Local Elections where some armed groups believed to be employed and hired by certain incumbent candidate, terrorized the conduct of an honest and orderly election, which resulted to the proclamation of untrue winners at that time. We were saddened by this irregularity that deprived the legitimate clamor of the majority. This major political weakening became a precedent to the present political exercises that the practice of “Guns, Gold and Goons” tactics spearheaded to be the main component of winning in an election.

This political trend continues to propel up to the present. Several elections have passed and carried-out, still we elected and proclaimed illegitimate and dubious winners. People who have helped in the campaign on these supposed-winners have testified credibly the political manipulations and machinations that were applied in order to sustain victory. The losing party even contested the election results in court, but unfortunately, due to the slow pace of the litigation, real winners were decided and proclaimed at the very near of the next election. And much worst to be expected, no decision has been handed down. We set aside here the complexity of our justice system or courts to dispense fairness and the leverage of both opposing political parties to get a fair trial. At the end of the day, we were always represented by the choice and votes of the minority.

Money politics is the current, potent and practical approach by most politicians. The issues on competence, integrity, leadership, and educational/professional background are not gauged to obtain the win-ability. Any candidate can lodge his/her candidacy as long as you have the capacity to spend above and within the required expenditures being imposed by the Commission on Elections and that could launch a costly political campaign. The matter of over-spending that allocates precisely the vote-buying maneuvering is considered also the sole vehicle to dictate victory and success in any political contest in our locality. When somebody aspires for a public office and he intends to throw away millions of pesos that are practically incoherent to the salary and benefits that he was supposed to get if elected, would eventually create skepticism and pre-emption of corruption and dishonesty in governance. The matter of prestige and distinction is seldom the best intention of certain candidate in running a public office.

Politics by Performance should be the decisive factor in re-electing the incumbent official that is seeking for another term of office. The prize of his dedication and sterling accomplishments should be given in return by means of a re-election. We, the electorate should have that kind of perception towards positive changes of political development and progress. The effort that shall be established by the current leader will focus primarily on how to resolve the impending problems confronting his respective locality. Implement the necessary infrastructure projects and the delivery of basic services that are needed by his constituents. Institute the principle of transparency and accountability of being a public official. At the same time, must build a conventional character and personality to publicly develop personal magnetism and commonness among his people. And furthermore, should set an example in the respect and adherence of law. The new dimension and principle of a modern politics should be centered on this kind of performance. Everyone has the intrinsic right to run in any public office as long as you have met the basic qualifications. Nevertheless, only few are determined and committed to follow this basic formula of public service.

All of these shall be initiated by means of an advocacy organization that will put an end on the patronage and occurrence of vote buying. An election that shall promote battle against political issues, platforms of government and personality of candidates based on competence, integrity and leadership skills. This organization will be composed of young graduates and professionals whose minds and ideals will bring to a standstill of traditional and money politics. The awareness and the educational influence of this young professionals group will encourage to restraint the practice of such enticement in any political exercises.

The structures of the entire electorate were mostly composed of young adults ranging from ages 18 – 35 years old. This age bracket has the dominant numbers to carry out the results of an election. And apparently, they are the professionals who can impinge and hinder the culture of graft and corruption in any form. This endeavor will originate from the new breed of young political leaders that must institute reforms and changes for good governance. Vote buying is an imminent agenda of certain political candidate or party that would propagate dishonesty and disadvantageous government transactions and dealings at the time they are elected. No amount of political agenda or aspiration could stops this awkward means of vote buying unless the avenue of professional or educational advocacy is introduced.


Name:  Mgbada Joe
Address:  23 Tredo, Aba, AB 2241, Benin
Date: 12/07/2007

I love this page. Keep up the good work.

Name:  Vicente C. de Jesus
Address: 20 M. L. Quezon St., Brgy. Tugatog, Malabon City, Metro Manila
Date:  01 December 2007

There is a more comprehensive article on the Mazaua landfall issue published in the website of the nuclear scientist, Dr. Vasco Caini, who has translated the works of Dr. Jose Rizal into Italian. The article may be accessed at

Name:  Vicente C. de Jesus
Address:  20 M.L. Quezon St., Bgy. Tugatog, Malabon City, Metro Manila
Date:  Tuesday, 20 Nov. 2007

The isle where the Easter mass of March 31, 1521 was celebrated was named Mazaua (pronounced "masawa"). Here is a paper that discusses the various aspects of the controversy--historiography, geography, navigation, linguistics, paleography, geomorphology, archaeology, etc.

Name:  Gene P. Navilon
Address:  P. Burgos St. Calbayog City 6710, Samar
Date:  November 17, 2007

I`m so glad to know dat ders a website for Samarnon in dis country & our fellow Samarnons abroad. I always read on air those mssgs concerning d corruption here in Samar dat cause too much poverty to our fellow Samarenos in my evening program in DYOG Radyo ng Bayan Calbayog being a gov`t broadcaster. Ginpipile ko an iyo mag-upay nga mga mensahe para san pagbabag-o dinhe sa aton sa Samar and have it on air agud makabulig ako pagpukaw san mga nangngaturog nga mga Samarnon.

An kuri dinhe sa aton coz of too much poverty of our people pirme la naghahadi sa pulitika dinhe sa Samar adton mga kurakot nga pulitiko kay ginbabaligya man san mga botantes an ira mga botos. Amo ito an rason kun kay ano nga nabe-behind an Samar sa mga progresivo nga mga provincia dinhe sa 'pinas. Miskin daw batid an publiko san ka corrupt han usa nga pulitiko ira la gihap ito ginbobotosan kay sering pa nira ginpapartehan man daw sira san ginkukurakut nga salapi sine nga pulitiko. An kuri pa gud dire napripreso adton mga kurakot nga pulitiko dinhe sa aton kay napapalit man an aton justice system. Uso gud an bribery miskin diin dinhe sa Samar, sa mga upisina san gubierno pati sa judiciary. Danay nagpapakiana ako sa ak kalugaringon "sino ba gud talaga an maugop sa mga Samarenos? San-o ta makakab-ot an tinuod nga progreso?"

In my small way being in broadcast media I assure all of u dat all ur concerns are being read in my radio program ngan kunta upod san ak komentaryo sa radyo mapukaw na unta an aton igkasiSamarenos. For my kababayans abroad all ur panawagan in dis website for all ur relatives here will be read in my radio programs. Der r 3 radyo ng bayan stations in Region 8. D other 2 are DYES Radyo ng Bayan Borongan in Eastern Samar and DYSL Radyo ng Bayan in Sogod, Southern Leyte.

By d way b4 departing let me say regards to my long lost friend named Mafe. Unta makabasa hiya hine nga ak mssg. I was not able to see her yet. We r txtmates for almost 5 years. She s from Tacloban City. Kun di ak nagsasala Mate it iya apelyido. She has 3 brothers and 1 is a m

Name:  Alex & Jeanette, "The Travel Place"
Address: Long Beach Blvd., 4000 Ste. 210, Long Beach, California 90807
Tel:  (562) 981-3733
Date: 11/07/07

Sa mga hinigugma ko na mga waraynon, kung kinahanglan nyo pumalit sa airline ticket na barato miskan pakain na pagbiyahe tikang didi sa states o Pilipinas man, ayaw na kam pagruhaduha pagtawag sa ak para man makabulig ak san akon mga hinigugma na waraynon! ayaw nyo kalimti an ngaran na "the travel place".

An sister company namo dida sa norte san Samar ay an trucking company na "Boyax cargo", nagseserbisyo sa isla san Samar-Leyte.nakabase iton sira sa Catarman, Northern Samar. Salamat nala at god bless to all.

Name:  Sangkaymilo
Address:  Villareal, Samar
Date:  Oct. 30, 2007


With much sadness and sympathy to those left behind forever, I would like to inform our fellow GHS of the recent killing incident in Villareal, Samar. And I am urging every peace-loving Villahanon, Samarenyo and Filipino, to seek justice for the brutal death of Mano Eloy Pecorro who was strafed to death last Oct. 22, 2007.

We just hope na hindi polotika ang dahilan ng kanyang pagkamatay. Condolence sa mga naiwan lalo na sa kanyang anak na gusto makatapos ng kanyang pag-aaral sa UEP CA Pinabacdao. Saan na kaya siya kukuha ng kanyang pantustos. Sana mabigyan ng hustisya ng kanyang pagkamatay. Nanawagin kami sa sino mang may alam doon sa kanyang kamatayan...tulungan natin ang pamilya nila. JUSTICE FOR MANO ELOY AND STOP KILLING OUR FELLOW SAMARENYOS!!!!!!!!!!

Name:  Cornelio Alorro Solis
Address:  San Juan, Pintuyan, Southern Leyte, Philippines
Date:  25 October 2007

Whoah! What a long slumber... I miss my fellow Gugmans... How's Samar Mano Cesar? I got too busy with South Leyte lately...


Name:   Juvy Regalachuelo-Quezon
Address:   Villa 109, Satwa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date:  Oct. 11, 2007

Hi! I’m searching for my clan Alle and Regalachuelo from Basey. Di ko man lang narating ang lugar na yan. My Grandparents are Pablo Regalachuelo at Maria Alle. Anyone related to them pls correspond. Kumusta mga Gacillos at Inciso sa Lawaan. Pls email nyo ko. To tiyong Pampilo "pamping" Inciso at tyang Amparo "paring", tyong Dioscoro and all my cousins there I miss you all and Lawaan I’m dreaming one day makabalik ako dyan. God bless. Sulatan or email nyo ko.

Name:  Amos Saba Calda
Address:  Leyte Industrial Development Estate, Isabel 6539, Leyte
Date:  October 8, 2007

Karuyag gad nakon mahikit-an an usa ka mahinungdanon nga plano han Catbalogan o STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Labi na nga suidad ini. Akon ini ibanbandera ha bug-os nga kalibutan nga kita didi ha SAMAR, sugad man liwat hit mga progresibo nga bungto, may "blueprint" han aton mga inop o pangandoy nga karuyag naton makab-ot.

Kadamo hit mag upay nga mga opisyales han aton bungto, ug nag tuo ako nga may ada na o nahimo na ini, bangin ngani na publish na ini ha net. Hain man ini papangitaa.... ano nga website? Damo nga salamat sangkay.

Name:  Ester O. Yoami
Address:  Suginamiku -Takaido –nishi, Tokyo, Japan
Date:  September 25, 2007

Hello! To this gugma message board.thanks for this space. Nananawagan lang po ako, kung sinong nakakakilala sa uncle ko na si Manuel D. Aljibe diyan sa Leyte. Wala na po akong balita. Kung sino man ang nakakakilala diyan sana po kontakin ako dito sa address ko. Maraming Salamat po.

Name: Paul Jason D. Duran
Address: Dubai, UAE
Date: September 18, 2007

Usa ako nga taga Samar nga nagtratrabaho didi ha Dubai. Diri ako maaram kon ano na it nahinanabo dida pero diri gad nira pagtamayon it mga taga Samar. Hin-o ba hira nga mananamay? Bisan diin ako nadidistino hit akon tabaho pirmi ko gud ipinagmamalaki na taga Samar ako kay higugmaon ko an lugar kon diin ako nagtikan.

Name:  Elisa Pablijan Ramos
Address:  940 North University Park Loop, Reno, Nv 89512, USA
Date:  09/06/07

I'm trying to get hold of an old classmate and a friend from Calbiga Samar, his name is Engr. Zosimo Pacayra. Hope somebody out there might know his whereabouts please notify me at anytime. Thanks a lot... My heartfelt regards to all fellow SAMARNONS!!!

Name:  Kit
Address:  Riyadh Airbase, Riyadh, KSA
Date:  September 01, 2007

Abante Samareno, Maupay kay bag-o na liwat an mga opisyales han aton rehiyon. Mag ikmat kita mga sankay kay tingali in mga madulum an ira mga dagaw. Hunahunaon naton kay nano nga nagastos hira hin sobra sobra para la hin gutiay nga sweldo. How can they perform good governance if the money they used for their cause are from some friends kuno but the truth is financer.

Ikmat la kita kasangkayan para maghika upay na an aton rehiyon. Kairo pamatiun nga diri pa kita nakakatagamtam han tinuod nga progreso. MGA POLITIKO TADUNG NA KITA HAN ATON PAG LAKAT PARA MADALI NATO MAAMKON AN KAMA UPAY NGA PANGABUHI. ABANTE SAMAR....HIGUBMAON TA HE IKAW.

Name:  Eddie Din
Address:  14958 Cory Pl, Fontan, CA 92336
Date: July 29, 2007

Pls correspond if I know you. I'm looking for old friends.

Name:  Ed
Address:  Tacloban City
Date: July 19, 2007

Uswag Samar! an iyo kauswagan amo gihap an hingyap ko. Nalilipay ako na may mga bago na kamo na mga official ha gobyerno. Hinaut unta inin mga bago nga elected officials may dako gihap nga paghigugma ha isla han Samar. Ngan pambitaya iton nga mga kurakot dida ha Samar. Alang ha gugma para ha samar supportahan naton an kauswagan nga may pagmangno ha aton palibot. Ayaw naton tugoti an minahan ha Samar. Samar: an probinsya nga mahusay. Beautiful Samar: nature's last frontier.

Name:   Rene Nepomuceno
Address: L16 B16, Greenwoods Subdiv,Dasmarinas, Cavite 4114, Philippines
Date:  July 12, 2007

Thank you very much for giving the true and complete story behind Sen. Avelino's distorted and misquoted "What Are We In Power For". I was three years ahead of Jose Avelino III at the Ateneo and knew his late cousin who was married to the son of Gen Campos. She died giving birth around 1964. Those grandchildren were a class act, like their grandfather.

Name:  Virgie Jumagdao Go
Address:  Quezon City, Philippines
Date:  July 11, 2007

Maupay nga adlaw. In behalf our batch, I would like to invite all alumni of Samar College to the Grand Homecoming on April 2008. Our batch, High School Graduates of 1981 will be the host. Calling therefore all our batchmates to contact any of your classmates cellphone numbers, as follows: Virgie Go (+6329189918810); Art Ablay (+639172045711); Salve Hobayan-Uyloan (+639174110154); Bart Bartolome (+639177202063); Marivic Giray-Cristobal (+639184699196); Boyet Villarin (+639205658037); Elmer Faller (+639189218102) Mr. Cobilla (adviser) (+639154662907)...please do get involved, or if not possible, we sure miss you a lot and we'd be very happy just to hear from you.

Name:  Jenny Cugtas-Abeleda
Address:  Manila, Philippines
Date: 01/06/07

I would like to know if anyone from Calgary or from the nearby towns of Alberta has been given a solicitation letter coming from Jing Aragon-Villarin on behalf of Samar College High School Batch '83. Please email me with the details because we need to know if she really solicited from this country.

Your cooperation will be helpful for the Batch. Thank you very much.

Name:   J.C.
Address:  1476 Guiho St., Makati, Metro Manila 1212, Philippines
Date:  May 2, 2007

Let us give a chance to an alternative Party List "BABAE KA" to serve the Filipino People... For they will create Pro-Progress Legislative Agenda at the House of Representative. For more information you can visit the official website of BABAE KA PARTY LIST - Vote BABAE KA for PARTY LIST!

Name:  Loren Fincalero-Reolizo
Address:   Sampaloc, Manila 1008, Philippines
Date:   04/29/2007

Is there anywhere I can find more information about Francisco Fincalero? I think he's my grandfather's dad or granddad. I'd like to know more about my Samareño roots.

Name:  Marvin Alicando
Address:   West Ave., Quezon City
Date:  April 27, 2007

Maupay nga adlaw s aton nga tanan. Pasalamat gud ak nga nahi agian k ine nga site and GUGMA para maka iban san kamingaw, ngan labi sa ngatanan para cguro maki usa san usa nga hingyap s mga lumalangyaw nga Samarnon an pagbulig s aton probinsya ngan mga tawo. Ngan pag expose san mga kabuktotan s mga lideres. Salamat

Name:  Ana of Calbayog
Date:  April 20, 2007

So that everyone will know. Rosalina Dagami, chairperson and first nominee of Babae para sa Kaunlaran (BABAE KA) party-list, is a Waray. We must support her. Let's vote BABAE KA for party-list!

Name:  TJ Tesoro Gayondato
Address:  Quirino District, Quezon City 1200, Metro Manila
Date:  3-31-07
Topic:  Prayer for Peace

Very enlightening article; I must admire the editor and author, Mr. Cesar Torres for launching your cyberspace movement for Samarenos; my husband is from Gandara, Samar but he has long joined his creator in 1990 after he was abducted and has never returned home since then. I am presently the president of the Alumni Association of Manila Law College (Escuela de Derecho de Manila) and we might soon have an alumni website for exchange of views and comments. Good luck to your endeavors.

Name:  Siena
Address:  141 Everwood Close S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2Y 5A6, Canada
Date:   Jan-17-2007

Nagpapaslamat ako nga nabilngan ko ini ng site nawawara an akon kamingaw. Taga Pinabacdao Samar ako. Maupay nga patron ha iyo nga tanan. Haraniay na an patron.

Name:  Faith
Address:  Riyadh, KSA
Date:  December 24, 2006

Maupay na adlaw ha ngatanan na mga Samarnon na nagbabasa hini. Ako in usa na OFW na nakabase didi ha Riyadh. Though it is my first time to be out of our country, gin-aatuhan ko nala tak kamingaw ha pamilya tungod na kinahanglan man gud as head of the family. Hala daw, kun hino an may maupay na kasing kasing buligan gad unta ako mamiling hin employer dida ha US. Kay man gud, akon didi sweldo ha Riyad igo gud la ha kada adlaw na panigastos tak pamilya. Problema pag-abot hit enrollment kay duduha tak anak. Haruy kay ma 4th year high school na an suhag, how much more kun mag-college na.

Lakas ng loob gad la odog ini na akon pagsurat dinhi. Nagbabakasakali na may makabasa at maruyag bumulig ha akon in any way. I want to take up the NCLEX exam wherein if I be able to pass it, I can apply easily to US. But you see, I don't have the capacity to do so because first, I don't have the review materials and access (laptop) and second, I still don't have the budget to pay for the exam.

I'm really sorry for being so melodramatic here. It's just that I'm so much alone. You see, I'm a single parent, and I have my Mother, a disabled sister, 2 daughters and a cousin who helps my mother attend to the household chores, I have 5 mouths to feed.

Whew, what a life!

So long everybody. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

Name:  Federico E. Dean
Address:  47 Green St., SSS Village, Concepcion Dos, Marikina
Date:  11-9-06

I am looking for Cesar or Yayong Aniban, my classmate in high school. The last time I knew he was in San Diego California. If anyone knows his email address, I would appreciate it very much if it given to me. Thanks

Name:  Jude Centino
Address:  Balud, Basey, Samar
Date:  11-02-06

Ooohhh maupay nga adlaw hadto han ngatanan nga mga taga Samar. Dako iton akon pagpapasalamat nga nag ka may ada sugad hini nga paagi para magka may ada kita hin kontak hiton aton mga kababayan. Damo pa unta nga mga taga Samar iton mag browse hini nga aton website..

Name:  NASECORE Samar Chapter
Address:  Cinemar Bldg., Mabini Ave cor. San Roque St, Catbalogan, Samar
Date:  Nov. 1, 2006

The First in the History of Samar!

Catbalogan, Samar – Samarenyos and Samarenyas are religious and superstitious as well. But, on Friday the 13th (October 2006), some 200 people, more or less, (public servants, media, sectoral representatives, coop representatives, and SAMELCO II member-consumers), not minding what that 'badluck' day might bring, converged and participated in the first Power Forum in the history of Samar, held at Fame Hotel, Catbalogan, Samar.

Said forum dubbed “Consumer Power in a Genuine Cooperative” was jointly sponsored by the Provincial Government of Samar, thru the Committees on Power and Energy and Cooperative under the chairmanship of Hon. Arcadio “Bontoy” L. Quijano, board member of the Second District of Samar, in solidarity with the Local Government Units of Samar, this district, and National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms (NASECORE Samar).

In support of NASECORE's activities re: Conversion of SAMELCO II into a 'real' people's stock cooperative under the CDA (Cooperative Development Authority), out of sixteen (16), eleven (11) municipalities, namely, Catbalogan, Jiabong, San Jose de Buan, San Sebastian, Hinabangan, Calbiga, Pinabacdao, Villareal, Talalora, Zumarraga, Sta. Rita and Marabut enacted and approved SB Resolutions to this effect, and forwarded the same to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan which favorably indorsed and further enjoin the National Electrification Administration to comply and implement the mandate of A. O. 112 issued by PGMA last December 7, 2004, to wit: “DIRECTING THE NATIONAL ELECTRIFICATION ADMINISTRATION (NEA) TO TAKE SOLE AND FULL AUTHORITY IN THE CONVERSION OF ELECTRIC COOPERATIVES INTO STOCK COOPERATIVES,” in order to enjoy the fruits of being a 'genuine' cooperative.

The people of Samar were graced with the presence of Atty. Francis Juan, General Counsel and Acting Executive Director of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC); Engr. Legario Galang, Jr.; Consumer Welfare Division, ERC; Ms. Ma. Elena Salac, Supervising Energy Regulation Officer, Tariffs and Rates Division, ERC; Judge Fulgencio Vegare, Administrator for Luzon, CDA and In-charge of EC's Registration with CDA; Mr. Petronilo V. Ilagan, NASECORE National President; and The General Manager of NORECO 2, who was unable to come due to bad weather condition but was interviewed on the air to give a live testimony of the Advantages of being a CDA-registered Electric Cooperative.

Those present, including the Hon. Vice Governor Jesus B. Redaja, a provincial board member, department heads, municipal and barangay officials, coop representatives, community leaders, did not miss the 'wit' and 'wisdom' of the resource speakers coming all the way from Manila.

This most significant event in the history of Samar, was aimed at 'educating' the SAMELCO 2 member-consumers as well as the consuming public, about their basic rights and obligations as enshrined in the Magna Carta of Residential Electricity Consumers, in the EPIRA LAW, Cooperative Code of the Philippines (R.A. 6938), and other laws and issuances.

The resource speakers comprehensively discussed consumers' rights and obligations, the Unbundled Rates/Tariffs; the benefits and privileges to be enjoyed in a “genuine” cooperative and its guidelines for the registration of EC's with the CDA.

Their education thru this summit will indeed INFORM, FORM, and TRANSFORM consumers into an 'empowered and responsible' electricity consumers who will be 'agents' of change and reforms in the deregulated power industry leading towards real progress and development.

It is the fervent prayer of the organizers of this summit that with a concert effort participants will be able to formulate a 'PLAN OF ACTION' to bring down the power rate in Samar and in Region 8, being one of the 'major' source of 'geothermal' power/energy in the whole country.

One of the remarkable part of the forum was the live interview of the Executive Director of NORECO 2 testifying the advantages its registration with the CDA. The forum was heard live on the air thru DYMS Radio Station in Catbalogan, Samar.

A lively and well participated open forum followed where important issues and concerns affecting the member-consumers and the power industry were brought out, i.e., the noticeless disconnection, power rates increases, delinquency charges @ P45.00, skyhigh reconnection fee of P200.00, registration with the CDA, etc., and were very satisfactorily answered by the resource speakers.

As finale of the forum, Hon. Arcadio “Bontoy” L. Quijano, Chairman of the above-named committees, delivered his Final Message emphasizing on the role of the “Middle Way” or “Cooperative way” in bringing about authentic progress and development in the Province. It is the only way where people empowerment and self-reliance is achieved. He then challenged the participants to be one with them in its advocacy for the ‘immediate’ registration of SAMELCO II WITH THE CDA.

The organizers of this forum would like to sincerely extend their gratitude and appreciation to the resource speakers, participants, sponsors, and to all those who in one way or the other, made this undertaking a resounding success. This is not the end but only a beginning…. CONSUMER POWER IN A GENUINE COOPERATIVE!


Name:  Honorato Caintic, Jr.
Address:  3159 Cedar Ave., Long Beach, CA 90817, USA
Date:  09/14/2006

Pag magpapadara kam pa Northern Samar area mga balikbayan boxes o lipatbahay, sa Boyax Cargo nala kay may bodega sira sa Malabon Manila. 137 Sisa St. Brgy. Acacia, Malabon City. tel#287-0366. Pwede nyo iton ig address sa Malabon office sa Boyax tapos kukuhaon nala iton nyo sa kanra opisina sa Catarman, Northern Samar.

So far, waray man sa ak nawara nga kargamento tikang didi sa California. Just make sure na may contact number miskan celfone la sa samar para makontak dayon kun inabot na.

Name:  Hermilo
Address:  Samar, Philippines
Date:   September 5, 2006

Massive Signature Campaign: Register SAMELCO 2 With CDA!!!

Para han ngatanan nga miembro-konsumedor han SAMELCO 2:

An mga opisyales ngan mga miembro han NASECORE Samar (National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms), ha pakig-usa han programa han Junta Probinsya ngan mga Local Governmets Units han Segundo Distrito han Samar, ha panguna ni Hon. Bontoy L. Quijano, Chairman han Committee of Power and Energy ngan Committee on Cooperative han Sanggunian Panlalawigan han Samar, upod ni Hon. Teodoro Ilagan, Chairman han Committee on Public Utilities han Sangguniang Bayan han Catbalogan, in hul-os nga nagtotuo nga:

"An Paghimo han SAMELCO II ngadto hin "tinuod" nga people's stock cooperative ha ubos han pagdumara han Cooperative Development Authority o CDA, ngan ginmamando ha Adiministrative Order 112 ni PGMA petsado Dec. 7, 2004, in makakaghatag hin "eksakto" ngan "tinuod" nga SERBISYO ngan BENEPISYO ngadto han mga miembro-konsumedor han SAMELCO II, nga igintalaan han balaod (R.A. 6938) o "An Cooperative Code of the Philippines".

Kasumpay hini, amon kinasing-kasing nga ginhahanyo an ngatanan nga mga miembro-konsumedor han SAMELCO II, nga suportahan an aton "Signature Campaign" para han pagrehistro han SAMELCO II ha CDA, agud makab-ot naton an maupay nga serbisyo ngan mga benepisyo, "sugad han dividend, patronage refund, tax exemptions, ngan damo pa nga iba...."

Kami in mainampu-on nga naglalaum han iyo hul-os nga suporta ngan pakig-urusa!

Damo nga Salamat!

An matinalahuron,


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